Moments with Myles

I know many of you wonder if my six year old son really says some of these things I generally post on fb. The answer is yes. If you’re a close friend, you can testify–as you’ve heard it yourself and sometimes if my phone is nearby and it’s a full blown conversation, I record it as proof. Here’s a run down of our afternoon.

It was 50’s day today, as they celebrated their 50th day of school. Here’s the dialogue:
“So, Myles, was anyone else dressed for 50’s day besides you?”

“No, well…yes, just one other boy.”

“What’s his name?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ve been at school for 50 days! How can you not know his name?”

He looks at me with a somber face and then he does that smirk many of you have seen, “Well, it’s like this, mom…I just don’t care.”

I try not to laugh, “What do you mean you don’t care? How can you not care?”

He shrugs indifferently, “If he falls, I can say…’hey, you okay, pal.’ Pal works just as good as his name and I showed I cared.”

How do you argue with that!?

During homework this evening:
“Mom, I didn’t have time to wait on you to finish jogging, so I cheated on my spelling–but I’m done.”

The spelling words are on the side of the sheet and I’m supposed to cover them up and read them to him. “Myles, cheating is wrong.”

“Yeah, but it’s also fast.”

We did redo the paper and he protested the entire time. We can learn a good lesson. Cheating is fast, but integrity is more important! Myles doesn’t think so…but one day…maybe it’ll take!!

2 thoughts on “Moments with Myles

  1. The honesty of children is endearing. My son was not allowed to watch POWER RANGERS after he judo chopped our fourth house guest. One day he was watching TV in his room and POWER RANGERS came on. He watched it for a few minutes and just couldn't contain the fact that he was getting away with something he shouldn't be doing. He cam running out of the room and said, "Dad, I'm watching POWER RANGERS! HA!" And then ran back into his room.

    He then honestly seemed surprised when he got caught. And was upset when I turned it off.

  2. ha!


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