And the Winner Is…


I have chosen the
name for my contest! My new WIP (work in progress) has a Saint Bernard that
belongs to a detective.  I didn’t give
much information about the hero of the story other than his occupation, on
He’s had a
relationship turn sour, he sees a lot of negativity in the world with his job.
Unable to avoid the cliché, this story is about how the grass isn’t greener on
the other side. It’s full of irony and deceit. It is a romantic suspense,
whatdaya expect?!
How I chose the name
was pretty simple. I read it, then I closed my eyes and tried to see if I could
pull off a humorous scene using the name. This dog will be the way my
hero/heroine meet.
All the names were
great! So I’m going to give you my top five names and then the winning name!
5. Mr. Darcy
If my detective had a poetic side, the irony would be awesome. And I laughed several times thinking about it.
4. Bootsie
Big white feet look
like boots and I could come up with some dialogue but not enough humor.
3. Lipstick
Seriously, look at
that mutt’s mouth! I could see this dog as a puppy eating the detective’s ex’s favorite
tube of lipstick and the name, well…sticking.
2. Komere
Sounds like Come
in an exaggerated southern accent and had my novel been set in the south,
I’d have probably went with that! Cracks me up!
1. Edith
“You named your dog, Edith?”
“Yeah, it
reminds me of my grandma.”
“Gentle and
“No, rotund and
hairy.” LOL I could see my character so saying that! He’s a bit of a
But I chose the following name because not only is it ironic and ridiculous, but I can actually weave
some truth about life into the dialogue and the name.
the winner of the $10.00 Amazon/Starbucks card (winner’s choice) goes to…..drum roll……
Redding for the name:
Congratulations, Jeff! 
Here’s a tiny
snippet of dialogue I concocted on the fly after hearing the name.
dusting herself off, she took a good look at his dog. “Your boy dog’s name is Kitten?” The puzzled look on
her face made him grin again.
“I got her
at the beginning of an ironic stage in my life.”
crossed her arms. “Did you ever think you’d come out of it and be stuck with a
horrible name for a dog?”
“I’ll let
you know when I’m out.” He’d brought Kitt home the same day Miranda said she
wasn’t going to marry him. That God had another plan for her. It didn’t include
He’d been
sure God had told him it had.
“You know
that’s mean really. Labeling someone as something they’re not is destructive.”
She glared at him and gave him a take-that look.
Thanks to everyone
who participated! I read every single one and I tell ya, it was hard to choose.
I valued all of your input.
What’s the silliest pet name you’ve ever heard?

I Need A Name!

I’m having a contest over on my facebook page! My current novel has a few pets. One is a Saint Bernard. I need a name that is unique, something you normally wouldn’t name a Saint Bernard!

Here’s the rules:
“Like” my facebook page and leave as many names as you want! The more the merrier! I will choose a name and whoever’s name I choose gets a $10 Amazon or Starbucks card (your choice!)

Names must be on the 
facebook page ONLY! 

If contestants enter the same name and I choose that name, I will award the first person who entered it. 

And if you’re not stingy, feel free to share this on facebook or give it a little tweet! And also, when the book comes out you’ll have bragging rights. “Hey, I picked that name. Got the card.”

Happy Monday, Everyone! Do you have a pet? What kind and what’s its name?