A Little more of This and That!


Hey all! So…this week I finished those pesky edits with a final read-through, then made my changes I’d noted. That part’s not too bad. I really love the iPad kindle app for reading my ms. It feels like such a…a…a book! 

Also, if I said, “I’m feeling a little woozy here.” Would you think of any particular movie? I need to know this in the comments.

I forgot my daughter for the 2nd time last Saturday. Band practice on Saturday is unnatural. It wasn’t a direct result of being consumed by characters upon a cruise ship. Nope. Band on Saturday is unnatural. And that is all.

We bought my son a new TV. Added a DVR box so he can watch and record shows. I’m doing everything I possibly can to keep him in his room. What else can I do? Mini-fridge? Ooooh, tha’ts not bad. Not bad at all.

Tuesday came this week. And I always know it’s Tuesday because I never fail to back right into the trash can by the street. Never. Fail. But hey, it’s better than leaving ruts in my yard. Which I do every time it rains. (Ruts don’t form on dry ground.)

I listened to my BFF vent big time this week (face to face not on text or face time) and when she finished I did what every good friend does. I laughed in her face. Isn’t that terrible??? But I couldn’t help it! Watching her flail her arms around and carry on all red-faced is hilarious. HIGH-LARIOUS. But don’t worry, I followed it up with a “I’m praying for you.” That always makes it better, right? Right? 

Oh, let’s see, hey, when you’re sprinkling laxative into your, or someone else’s drink, do you really pretend like you’re pouring iocaine powder into a drink and either going to kill someone or drink it yourself like the Dread Pirate Roberts a.k.a. Westley (Princess Bride)? No? Just me then. Hmmm…

Well then, that’s all I got!


So tell me a little this or 
that in your life this week!