Which Hero-Type is Your Perfect Match?

Hey gang!

I’ve got a new quiz for you and it’s a lot of fun! Leave me a comment and tell me which hero type is your perfect match: The Alpha Male, The Classic Hero, The Bad Boy, or the Silent but Strong Hero? 

Leave me a comment and tell me who your perfect match is!




12 thoughts on “Which Hero-Type is Your Perfect Match?

  1. Amelia

    The Classic Hero.

    1. Donna Foley Howe

      The classic hero. Yes!

      1. Grace

        Silent But Strong Hero. How interesting 😀.

    2. Jessica R. Patch


  2. Gloria A

    The silent but strong hero

    1. Gloria A

      I picked the silent but strong hero but realized I needed to take the quiz and after taking the quiz, the classic hero was the type of perfect match.

      1. Jessica R. Patch

        Either are great in my opinion!

  3. Linda Kish

    Silent but strong hero for me, too.

    1. Jessica Patch

      Yay! Thanks for playing!

  4. Sonya Earnest

    I got the Classic Hero

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Classic! Hooray. Thanks for playing!

  5. Joy Shelden

    Silent but Strong Hero. 🙂 Perfect!


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