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Drum roll…

Through the month of January, my good friend, Jodie Bailey, and I have teamed up to give away TWO super cool prize packages which includes a signed copy of each of our January releases: Dead Run by Jodie and Concealed Identity by moi! (Must be 18 or older. U.S. only.)

Using Rafflecopter, we’ll draw two winners on Tuesday, January 31st and announce them on Wednesday, February 1st! 

Check out the prize packages:

Jodie’s Prize Package

Wake up to THE good book with a journal for notes, a cup of pumpkin spice coffee in a sweet Fort Brag mug, and a two good books! And hey, don’t forget sweet treats, more coffee (or tea) from Starbucks ($10)!  

Jess’s Prize Package

On a cold night, stop by Starbucks ($10) for your favorite hot drink (or sweet treat), come home and curl up in some warm fuzzy socks (emoji heart eyes because, hellooo, you’re reading romance!), pop some popcorn, and enjoy signed copies of Dead Run and Concealed Identity… and don’t forget before bed, a little moment with God, some Burts Bees to soften those lips (xoxoxo) and a journal to keep notes!
Ya’ll just don’t know how cool it is to have a book releasing with Jodie! We met during a pre-published excerpt competition and have been fast friends since. 

Tell me, have you made a life long friend through a chance encounter? Share the deets in the comments!

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30 thoughts on “Win 1 of 2 Prize Packages!

  1. Thanks for the giveaways – they both look fabulous! Yes, by a wild chance meeting (through a homeschool postcard swap) I have met a wonderful lady whom I am now great friends with and hope to go visit soon!

    1. That's wonderful! So glad God blessed you with your friend. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful giveaway. I guess I could say I did make a life long friend through a chance meeting. I am an identical twin. 🙂 I am a homebody most of the time when I'm not working. I have several wonderful friends that I talk to via email but have never met (maybe one day).

    1. Ah! That is the coolest. I'm a homebody too and spend lots of time online with friends.

  3. Thanks for the chance. No I haven't. My life long friends are from people I went to school with.

    1. I still have lifelong friends from school too. Some of the best!

  4. Awesome giveaway and shared on FB group & page. Just one question, if I'm blessed to win, can I switch Concealed Identity to Final Verdict since I already read Concealed Identity AND I can't wait for Final Verdict??!!! heheh.. (Sorry, I have no shame!) *wink wink

    1. Then I forgot my lifelong friend through chance encounter. Well, I can tell you I've met several great like minded readers since joining the blogging world, and I am sure they have become my lifelong friends.

    2. Oh my word, I literally laughed out loud! I'd be happy to swap it out, Annie. But I won't have a paperback copy until late February or early March. I have met some of my closest friends through blogging. We chat every day either online, text or voxer. I have met some of them thanks to ACFW, but there are a few I have yet to meet face to face!

  5. Yes. Meet a girl at youth camp who was sitting by me and we are still friends.

    1. That's amazing! I loved youth camp when I was a kid. Miss those times.

  6. On a vacation in Alaska we met this couple from California who we are still friends with.

  7. I love the opportunity yet I do not use Twitter so I will be unable to try for that entry.

  8. No….I havent. But, there is always a chance it could happen.

  9. I met my current bf through traveling for work on a chance. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to travel and have loved it since

  10. JJ

    Met my husband at a NYE party, does that count as a chance encounter? PS: I don't tweet, so can't unlock more entries. 🙁

  11. Yes, I met my best friend when I was recovering from surgery years ago and one day I saw her cutting my lawn. She had just moved into the house next door and we had only spoken a few times before and we are now like family.

  12. Yes, I met my best friend when I was recovering from surgery years ago and one day I saw her cutting my lawn. She had just moved into the house next door and we had only spoken a few times before and we are now like family.

  13. I met my best friend originally by volunteering at our church nursery. Her little one didn't love being around strangers so she was constantly staying in the nursery with him. We struck up a conversation and the rest is history 😊

  14. I have so many friends throughout the US, Canada and Latin America. A good many of them could be classified as chance encounters… But my friend Shelda that I met while we took classes in Costa Rica and I now live about an hour apart in the same state!

  15. I volunteered at the public library over thirty years ago and made a friend for life. We watched each other's kids grow up . She talked me into working for the library which I did for fifteen years. She recently moved to another state but we still keep in touch. We will be friends for life and she has been a friend I could always tell everything to.

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