Today, I need God to…

______________. (Fill in the blank)

We sang this song yesterday during Sunday morning. I just love it. With eyes closed, I let the Lord run away with my imagination and during the part where they sing, “I hear you breaking chains, I hear you breaking chains…”

I could see these heavy chains binding my wrists, binding millions of wrists. And in one fail swoop, I saw Jesus (mostly a white robe with a flashing sword–no face) move in, wielding a sword with all of these fancy moves to break the chains and my movie screen in my head froze and I heard a whisper to my heart.

“While I love the imagery, it’s not quite right.”

Because Christ didn’t need fancy moves or a physical sword.

“Now out of his mouth goes a sharp sword…” Revelation 19:15

And the sword in his hand was gone and he whispered.



The chains fell away and turned to rusty powder, then mighty yet soft hands took my wrist. Bruised from wearing chains. And he said, “I took the stripes so you wouldn’t have to.” Then he raised my wrist to his lips and kissed it. The bruises disappeared.

From there, I saw one wrist after another, different colors. Different sizes. All free.

With the spoken word. Just one word.

So we give it all away. Surrender ourselves to the One who made us free. Who continues to set us free from sin. From weights and hinderances that keep us from moving foward in Christ. 

He will meet your need right where you are. What do you need from him today? 

3 thoughts on “Today, I need God to…

  1. I need strength. Today. Strength and large amounts of patience. Yep. That'll do! Love ya! Great post

  2. Beautiful post! Praise God that He can break chains with just a word.

  3. Today I need –

    To face pain with resolve, unflinching.

    To face heartache with compassion, and not bitterness.

    To face death with composure, and not seek an escape.

    To face God on my feet, accepting what I have done, and His judgement on it.


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