Guess Where I Am?

Hey everyone, I’m in sunny Florida today! Relaxing on the beach and reading fabulous books. 

April Fool’s! I’m not. I’m at home in an oversized sweatshirt and flannel pajama pants sipping coffee and about to get started on my WIP.

But seriously, I am somewhere else too.

I’m at Jennifer Hale’s blog today talking about winter seasons. I feel you should come over and chat with me. Not via Skype (refer to previous statement of what I’m wearing.)

See you Wednesday!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Guess Where I Am?

  1. You got me! LOL

    But writing is just about as good as sunny Florida!!

  2. Hahaaa, funny lady! If you come to FL, let me know!! I'm here and I took my kids to the river today to swim. It's that warm. *grin*

  3. Oh, how I miss oversized sweatshirts, flannel pjs, and coffee with my WIP. Thanks for making me JEALOUS.


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