Reaching the Top

It’s another Meditation Monday! I love the following verse. Truly, I do. And since we’ll be talking about Daniel on Wednesday, I thought it would be fitting to meditate on some of his most powerful God-breathed words. 

“…the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great
Daniel 11:32

Meditation Prompts: Think about your accomplishments, education, abilities in comparison to simply knowing God! God is looking for those who will get to know Him to do great things. He’s not looking for the smartest, prettiest, best dressed, best mom, dad, sister, brother, teacher, or the richest. He wants someone who is willing to give them their time–to know Him! What dream is inside you that will take strength? How can you know Him better today? 
What does knowing God 
look like in your life? And why do you think people who know God can be strong and carry out great exploits?

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**photocredit for climbing a mountain(first photo) freedigitalphotos/SuraNualpradid

18 thoughts on “Reaching the Top

  1. Mmm, I love that verse…I don't know that I ever remember reading that one!!!

    I think spending time with God whets my appetite for more of Him. It is when I am filled up with Him that I have the strength to face whatever comes my way.

    LOVE your Mondays!

    1. It's like it's slipped into the book! LOL I think you're right. O taste and see..then we gotta keep tasting and savoring!

  2. Oh man, that is one of the coolest verses I've never remembered reading. Seriously. And I was just brainstorming blog topics for Friday and thinking about doing a post about knowing God. Maybe instead of writing it, I'll just point people to your blog! 🙂 But seriously, thanks for sharing that verse.

    I think for me, knowing God is taking the time to talk to him…but then also to listen. I'm not always good at that. I think we can also learn a lot about the character of God simply by remembering what he's done in our lives and how, and what he's done in the lives of others. When we take the time to remember, we're reminded of his goodness and faithfulness and a bazillion other awesome qualities.

    1. Listening is a biggie. If I'm not careful, I'll rattle off everything I want to and then it's like, "Ok. Good times, Lord. Time to go read blogs now." And I forget to listen.

      Isn't this just the best! I love this verse so much.

    2. I love this verse! And you are so right. Listening is huge. If I'm not careful, I'll spill everything out and then be like, "Ok, God. Good times. Off to read blogs now." And not take time for Him to respond. 🙂

  3. I like this one! God is making me stronger every day. I have nothing to fear when I have God. Rejection – He still loves me. Failure – He still loves me. Tragedy – He still loves me. Like the lyrics to "One thing Remains" – "His love never fails, never gives up, and never runs out on me." 🙂

    1. I'm going to have to make a "poster" of it since I know how now! Thank you, Julie Jarnagin! lol

      Nothing separates us from His love. That is comforting. 🙂

  4. It looks confident, because people who spend time in the Word, time praying, time just being with God, have a confidence that He'll use them, that their lives will have meaning, that He finishes the great works He starts in us, and that He is in control.

    1. You nailed it, my friend! I can't say much more than that! 🙂 I just love reflecting on God's word!

  5. I think knowing what knowing God looks like is not just being in the Word everyday but trying to apply it and please Him, so people can see Him in you.

  6. In my life, I talk to God throughout my day – I believe He is listening. I feel His presence. I know He is walking beside me, even when it seems dark. I trust Him and listen for guidance. Love the Book of Daniel!

    Wonderful post, Jess!

  7. GREAT VERSE! I've been through Daniel, and yet somehow missed this. I love how God's Word is always fresh and new:) And always point us in the right order…KNOW God, then carry out your stuff:) For me, knowing Him is spending time with Him, digging into His word FOR that fresh revelation. Leaning on Him when things are hard and giving thanks when things are great. The more time you spend with someone, the more you know them and their character:)

  8. I love when Joyce Meyer says: "God takes the ordinary people to do extraordinary things." He's not look for people who are considered "qualified" by human standards – He's looking for people who are qualified by Heavenly standards – and those are people who know God, who seek His face and who harken to His word.

  9. Great verse! I once heard a preacher say that we don't trust God because we don't know Him – and I've thought about that many times since. When we really, really know Him, we trust Him, and He can do great things in our lives!

  10. He is the great inspiration. And if we know Him, we understand we can't do anything by our own strength–we're giving Him glory and He's blessing our paths in return.

    ~ Wendy

  11. Love the climbing pic! I wonder if that's Chris Sharma? He's amazing. Of course, I can't wait for spring so I can get back out, hit the rocks, and get in shape now after I'm done having babies. LOVE climbing.

    Ok – I got sidetracked by your pic. Anyway!!! Simple. God is MY ROCK and he doesn't make me climb to get Him 🙂 Just hang on the rope He provides and trust the beaners will hold 😉

  12. Great verse and photo, Jessica. For years I worked at "pleasing" God – (like I tried to please my parents!). As the years have gone by it's been great to rest in His love. The crazy thing is I've accomplished much more from this sweet repose!

  13. LOVE that Daniel verse, Fiend! I see that truth so clearly in your life. You lean on Him in unwavering faith and He strengthens you for the journey. For me, that's it in a nutshell. As disciples, we breathe, live, and operate in the strength of His might. Sometimes we don't choose the adventures that affect our lives. But in His strength, WE ARE OVERCOMERS AND MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS!


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