Monday Fun Day!

Every day’s a holiday with Mary! And I didn’t
have to troll for free pics and link back.
I’m lazy!

Friday, LD Masterson tagged me in her post! LD has been on a blogging hiatus and I’m glad she’s back, because every MWF at the end of her posts, she has what she calls, The Groaner of the Day. They crack me up! The tag is to answer 10 questions about yourself and then tag other bloggers, but I’ve recently done this and I have a random facts page, so I’m going to do something different. Hope that’s okay, LD! But swing by her blog and get to know her! Click HERE!

I got an email last week from a friend and you had to answer all the questions using the first letter of your last name if you’re a man, and if you’re a woman the last letter of your MAIDEN name. So I’m going to do that, since I had zero time to play on the email last week. Oh, I accidentally deleted that email, so I’ll be making up some questions.

My maiden name is: Osborn

1. Name a fruit.               Orange
2. City                                Oklahoma City (that is a city, right?)
3. vegetable                     Okra
4. Reason for being late to work        Overslept
5. An exercise                  Oaring a boat ( I had to get creative!)
6. Animal                          Orangutan
7. Movie                            Oceans 11
8. Song                               Ocean Wide (The Afters)
9.Something you might say to a child       Only if you clean your room!
10. Term of endearment   Odysseus (You know, like Adonis only not.) LOL Ack!

Now it’s your turn! Leave your answers in the comments or play the game on your blog! Be sure to let me know, so I can come read your answers. 🙂 

Oooh, on a  side-note, I have book club tonight and we’re discussing Siri Mitchell’s book, She Walks in Beauty! We’re having tea and scones after some of us meet at a deli for dinner, part of the proceeds go to our Haiti Missions Team at church (and I have a surprise for the ladies)! 


Have a Happy Monday! 

15 thoughts on “Monday Fun Day!

  1. Fun game, Jess! I'll play.

    Maiden name: Lannon

    1. Fruit – lemon
    2. City – Los Angeles
    3. Vegetable – lima beans
    4. Excuse for being late to work – lots of traffic
    5. Exercise – leg lifts
    6. Animal – leopard
    7. Movie – Letters to Juliet
    8. Song – Leaving on a Jet Plane
    9. Something you might say to a child – "Listen to me!"
    10. Term of endearment – Love

  2. Yes! This is fun!!!

    Maiden Name: Williams

    1. Fruit – Watermelon
    2. City – Welch, Texas
    3. Vegetable – winter squash?
    4. Excuse for being late to work – wallowing in bed
    5. Exercise – walking
    6. Animal – walrus
    7. Movie – While You Were Sleeping
    8. Song – Walk This Way
    9. Something you might say to a child – Wait!
    10. Term of endearment – wifey?

  3. YOu have a surprise for them? How fun!

    My maiden name still begins with S.

    2. City – Sewell, NJ (where I went to school)
    3. Vegetable – spinach -YUM!
    4. Excuse for being late to work – stubbed toe?
    5. Exercise – sit-ups
    6. Animal – squirrel
    7. Movie – Sling Blade
    8. Song – Super Trouper
    9. Something you might say to a child – STOP it!
    10. Term of endearment – "sweetie"

  4. I'm tempted to steal some of Sherrinda's answers, since my maiden name is Walker! But I'll avoid looking…

    1. Fruit: Wild strawberries (cheating? I think not)
    2. City: Washington, DC
    3. Vegetable: Watercress (yes, I cheated and looked this up)
    4. Excuse for being late to work: Whining
    5. Exercise: Water polo (never played but my husband has!)
    6. Animal: Water buffalo, of course (VeggieTales, anyone?)
    7. Movie: While You Were Sleeping (love, love, love)
    8. Song: We Are (Kari Jobe…good stuff)
    9. Something you might say to a child: We really need to go…NOW!
    10. Term of endearment: Wookie (I dunno…it could work, right?)

    You definitely bring out the silly in me, Jess!

  5. Fun! I'll play…my maiden name is Bonam.

    1. Fruit – Banana
    2. City – Boston
    3. Vegetable – Broccoli
    4. Excuse for being late to work – Broken water pipe
    5. Exercise – Biking
    6. Animal – Bongo
    7. Movie – Bringing Up Baby
    8. Song – Baby, It's Cold Outside
    9. Something you might say to a child – Be good.
    10. Term of endearment – Babe


  6. Of course Oklahoma City is a city. It's just down the street from me. 🙂

    My maiden name is: Motley (Yes, just like the band Motley Crue)

    1. Name a fruit. Mandarin orange
    2. City. Memphis
    3. vegetable. Medley (Does that count?)
    4. Reason for being late to work. Missed the bus (I don't ride the bus, but…)
    5. An exercise. Mountain Climbers (Ugh!)
    6. Animal. Monkey
    7. Movie. Mrs. Doubtfire
    8. Song. Moves like Jagger
    9.Something you might say to a child. Mickey mouse is on tv.
    10. Term of endearment. Muffin.

  7. Paine:
    1. Fruit Pineapple
    2. City Paris
    3. Vegetable Pickles
    4. Reason for being late to work Panic attack
    5. An exercise Pilates
    6. Animal Platypus
    7. Movie Pirates of the Caribbean
    8. Song Party in the USA
    9.Something you might say to a child Peas. Eat ‘em
    10. Term of endearment Puppyface

  8. Fun!! And it's fun reading others' answers. Here goes:

    Maiden name: Snow (yes, really)

    Fruit: strawberries
    City: Sorrento, Italy
    Veggie: summer squash (do I get 2 points?)
    Reason late to work: slow…just slow.
    Exercise: squats
    Animal: Siamese cat
    Movie: Steel Magnolias
    Song: Stronger (Hillsong)
    Say to a child: Seriously?
    Term of endearment: Sugah (that's how we say it down south)

  9. Well, since you were so nice as to head people my way, I have to play.

    Maiden name: Masterson (Married name is Leszczuk – which is why I write under my maiden name.)

    1. Fruit – Mango
    2. City – Mason, OH
    3. Vegetable – mustard greens (had to work for that one)
    4. Excuse for being late to work – multi-car accident, road closed
    5. Exercise – marching (4 years of band in high school)
    6. Animal – monkey
    7. Movie – Miracle on 34th Street
    8. Song – Maria
    9. Something you might say to a child – Make your bed
    10. Term of endearment – My love

  10. Oh fun! I'll play on my blog later this week:) Have fun tonight – that book is currently waiting to be read on my Kindle so I can't wait to hear what ya'll think:)

  11. Oh this looks like fun! I'm still using my maiden name, is that okay?? 😉 (You really don't have much choice, ha! :))

    Maiden name: Herringshaw

    1. Fruit – Huckleberry (THANK YOU GOOGLE!)
    2. City – Hines, Oregon
    3. Vegetable – Horseradish
    4. Excuse for being late to work – Had flat tire
    5. Exercise – Hopscotch
    6. Animal – Horse
    7. Movie – Harry's Law
    8. Song – Human (Natalie Grant)
    9. Something you might say to a child – Hop to it!
    10. Term of endearment – Honey

  12. 1 Banana
    2 Boston
    3 Broccoli
    4 Bumper to bumper traffic
    5 Bicep curls
    6 Buffalo
    7 Back to the Future
    8 Beautiful Day – U2
    9 Be good
    10 Babycakes

    Fun stuff!

  13. 1. Fruit – matza balls
    2. City – Mount Vernon
    3. Vegetable – mashed potatoes
    4. Excuse for being late to work – my boss
    5. Exercise – mini-squats
    6. Animal – Mammoth
    7. Movie – Men in Black
    8. Song – Mickey Mouse club theme song
    9. Something you might say to a child – My steak! Eat your hot dog!
    10. Term of endearment – Marshmallow

  14. I loved Siri's book. That girl went through A LOT!!! Ouch with the having to sleep upright and all that. Glad for a happy ending. :O)

  15. I loved reading your answers, everyone! Some of my favorite movies were mentioned, like While You Were Sleeping and Bringing Up Baby! And Moves Like Jagger is a great song! Thanks for playing! It was fun!


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