Today is January 6th. First and foremost it is the birthday of the woman who brought me forth. I.E…my mom’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Mom. Thanks for letting me cut my teeth on soap operas. Really? Just kidding. It paid off. Really.

Shush, everyone, it’s my mom’s birthday. Make her feel nice.

So here we go, ladies and gents!

On January 6th, 1994, Nancy Kerrigan took a hit to the knee, thanks to the original mean girl Tonya Harding. 

Really? Couldn’t Tonya just skate better, drop out, or hire men to bust out her knee? Thus getting the ooohs and aaahs from fans all over the world. It’s called positive attention, Tonya. Really.

On January 6th, 2011, the Romanian government reformed its tax policy, sticking it–for the first time ever– to occupational fortune-tellers, astrologers, and witches. Some of the witches were so outraged, they threatened to curse the government. Curse it I say!

Really? For the love, witches, you’re being recognized as legit. Pay the taxes. You can now write off your brooms, eye of newt, tarot cards, and white sheets for solstice dancing. Really.

And by the way, do witches pay taxes in America? Probably just the middle class ones.


On January 6th, 1681, the first boxing match was recorded. Starring the Duke of Albemarle’s butler vs. the butcher. I’d like to tell you these were their boxing names like the Italian Stallion. But I can’t. 

Really? Fighting employees? Shouldn’t they be butlering and butchering? It’s like fighting your pets. But then look at him. What else does he have going for him? Really.

Have a great weekend! Stop in Monday and meet my good friend and talented writer, Heather Sunseri!

What blows your mind enough to say, “Really?” 
(Do not say this blog post. ;))

21 thoughts on “Really!?!

  1. Thing that make me say, "Really?": Socks with sandals, the fact that the only place my cat can find to sit is on my wrists when I'm typing, and when my three-year-old son hands me a booger. Okay that last one was really gross, but those are the first three that come to mind at 6am. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Hilarious!! The one about Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding…tooo funny. And the caption underneath the witches photo!!

    Yesterday what made me say "Really?!" was 65-degree weather in Iowa in January. Both awesome and perplexing. Also: Old photos of myself… "Really, Melissa, you wore those jeans and that pair of glasses and that hairstyle…on purpose?!"

  3. People who blatantly see me & then let the door slam in my face. Really?

    Happy B-day Jessica's mom!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Ahhh. Happy Birthday Jesse's mom!!! That's so exciting!

    Really? You are dang hilarious!! Really!!

  5. Oh, I just thought of what makes me say "Really?"

    Carpool lines!!

  6. Hey, everyone! Thanks for wishing my Mom a Happy Birthday. 🙂

    Julie: Boogers definitely get a "Really!?!" LOL And a small amount of vomit.

    Tagg: The weather here does that too. 65 degrees sometimes in November! And I try not to look at old pictures of myself. Jess, can your bangs get any bigger? Really!?!

    Wendy: Eeek! Door slammers? Not cool. Down here in the south, that rarely happens! Move closer!

    Heather: I am so with you on car pool lines but you know this, have the video to prove it! Really!?!

  7. People who take up an entire grocery aisle and stand there while you say excuse me, excuse me, try to be polite and then finally bump their butt with your cart because gosh darn it, I have places to go! REALLY?

    That was a run on sentence. Run on Sentences make me go REALLY too! 🙂

  8. Wwwaaaayyy too funny, Jessica! I'm a grammar "really" person, to be honest – and that's all I'm thinking of at the moment. Run on sentences for sure.

  9. Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Loved your list, Jess! I literally laughed out loud! 🙂

    Hmmm…So many things that make me say "really."

    …Like when nearly EVERY political candidate promises that life will be peaches and cream if we vote for them and hand them our life savings…

  10. Nancy Kerrigan disappeared and was forgotten about soon after. Tonya Harding is one of the hosts of SMOKING GUN PRESENTS…

    She found a way to keep herself in the spotlight.

  11. Happy Birthday Jessica's mom!
    Things that make me say "Really?!":
    Drivers who speed up and completely obliterate the completely wide open space on the highway I was going to merge onto. (Actually, I say more than "Really?" but my youngest daughter has informed me many times that "jerk" is not a nice word.)
    The unknown people who decide to empty the perishable items in their grocery carts that they no longer want onto the non-refrigerated shelves. (What? Did they suddenly break their arms and legs? Forget where these things go?)
    When I'm so tired I forget how to spell "the." Or "and." Or any other three letter word.

  12. Happy Birthday, Jessica's mom.

    Another traffic "really". When the highway is being narrowed to one lane (i.e. for construction or an accident) and all the traffic has mergered and some jerk comes racing up the empty lane past all the merged cars to cut in where the lane ends.

  13. this was so fun! I totally forget about Nancy Kerrigan. What drama that was!

  14. Happy Birthday, Jessica's mom!!!

    Thanks for the early morning laugh, Jess. I needed it today. I'm sure I can come up with some "Really!?!" when my head is not so stuffed up.

  15. Aw happy birthday, Mom!! I totally remember the Tanya Harding episode! LOL

  16. Happy birthday to your mom! There are so many things in this world that make me go "Really!?!" that I cannot choose one. Ok, maybe one, like the guy going down the street now revving his puny little four-cylinder engine like it's a muscle car. Come on, guy! You're driving a Chevy Cobalt!

  17. ROFL!!! Really???

    Okay, mine is a personal story and the only reason it's coming up now is because it was almost a year to the day that this happened.

    In January, we have all sorts of people here for a 2-day check out/interview process to pick our summer teams. Last year, one of the guys we were interviewing got up from the table and said:

    "well, the cooking isn't really all that spectacular around here" after being a guest in my house for 2 days. I wanted to reply with, "well, your manners aren't really all that spectacular either". I kept my mouth shut. will be glad to see this one go. ugh.


  18. I remember that Nancy debacle! And all the Saturday Night Live spoofs that ensued.


    This is what makes me say really.

    People who claim to not like chocolate. I'm not sure if I ever truly believe them.

  19. Two things: the fact that the Nancy Kerrigan thing happened EIGHTEEN years ago, and when my ex-sister in law used to clean mom's house every time she visited, pointing out its desperate need for "deep cleaning." Yes, really.

    Fun post!

  20. Mine would be fighting for a parking space up front at the gym. REALLY?

  21. LOL Great post!

    The way people drive around here. Parking spaces? We make our own! Red lights? Just a suggestion! You're in that section of lane I want to occupy? I'm gonna move you over! Even if you land in the ditch!



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