What’s On Your Christmas List?

My husband is the worst person to buy for when it comes to the holiday. Like seriously. The worst. I want to poke his eyes out. And it’s because he never needs anything.

But Christmas isn’t really about what we need is it? It’s about wish lists and wants. Although, we all have the grandma that buys us the plain white Hanes panties and socks, because they’re practical. Why do they do this? 

Why after hounding asking us for a list, do they chunk it, only to buy us plastic tablecloths with florescent yellow flowers on it. Why do they insist on buying us those super thick potholders that feel like astronaut gloves and won’t pick a dern thing up? 

Granny, I love you. But for the love of all that is good and holy, stick to the list! A cranberry candle isn’t hard to find! Really. It isn’t!

I digress.

Okay Christmas is really about Jesus, but I’m talking about presents today. And I want to know:

What do you want for Christmas? No, you don’t need it. No, you may not even get it. But you want it! It’s possible. So dish!

21 thoughts on “What’s On Your Christmas List?

  1. I could tell you my very ridiculous emotional response to this question, but I'll save you and everyone else that and just tell you the thing I don't need AT ALL, but I really want is a trip to go scuba diving. I totally miss the deep water. That would be a cool surprise.

  2. A Kindle Fire. Sigh! I know it's probably not in our budget, but a girl can dream!

  3. To be able to go to the ACFW conference next year.

  4. Kindle fire & I think I'm getting it b/c I've been good to Santa this year. 😉
    ~ Wendy

  5. Love this! I want…a car. Seriously, I want to be that woman in the completely unrealistic car commercial who is given a new car. I need a new car, but I hate the whole picking one out, decision-making process. Really, I'd just be happier if someone picked one out for me…and paid for it, of course.

    But I'd also be perfectly content with a new set of flannel sheets. Hehehe…

  6. I want my husband to follow the rules. We're in the middle of a couple expensive home improvement projects and we agreed this would be our Christmas present to each other. Nothing else. Just this.

    So why did a present show up under the tree yesterday with my name on it?

  7. I LOVE that LD. Tried to do that last year with hubby. Ummm … yeah. Well, we did TRY!

    This year my totally unrealistic gift is an IPAD. I wanted a smart phone, but my eyes just don't see small things that well. Think the Ipad will solve my issues. Course I can dream all I want!

  8. Lol love it! Yeah. We have the same troubles, Jess.

  9. Ready? Ok. Unashamedly, here I go:

    1. fleece socks
    2. Kindle – even the old kind, don't care
    3. Iron Man 2 Dvd – don't laugh
    4. New bra – shush
    5. Every book on my Amazon wishlist (only tallies two about $200 so that's reasonable, I'd say)
    6. underwear that fits – I'm pregnant – welcome to life
    7. a new camera lens for my Canon
    8. a new laptop (a mac would be nice)
    9. tickets to go back to Rome.
    10. a dog that I don't have to walk
    but isn't small enough to get caught in a rattrap
    11. a hot tub
    12. a gift certificate to our swanky restaraunt in town
    13. new silverware because mine is ugly
    14. new potholders – but not the kind from gramma.

  10. My husband surprised me last night with an early Christmas gift. He gave me a Tebow jersey! Not an imitation one — a real NFL Tebow jersey!!
    This is what I like about my husband–not that he gave me a present early, but that he listened and bought me what I wanted for Christmas. We've both come a long way in all the years we've been married. I could tell you about our first Christmas. Yeah. That year I got long red underwear and a wool cap and a backpack. When I asked what all this "stuff" was for, he said it was for when we went winter camping! My answer: "Who ever said anything about going winter camping?!"
    I cried myself to sleep that night. But, I still have the same hubby and the long red underwear,which I kept for laughs and for the lesson involved.

  11. More books to read! And time. I wish I could buy time. 🙂

  12. Well, if we're going to be unrealistic, an airplane. That's too unrealistic, since I probably couldn't pass the physical these days, so how about a nice diesel motorhome? Yeah, we just sold our motorhome, but you said unrealistic, and I miss having one.

  13. I want Amazon gift cards so that I can fill my Kindle with all of the books I want to read and all of the books I need to read. So what I want will actually benefit all of my dear writer friends. 🙂

    And my hubby is a PAIN to shop for too. He only ever wants 2 things– Bluray DVDs and gift cards for Bluray DVDs. Occasionally he'll ask for movie tickets. Yep, he's predictable. And he believes that clothes are the worst gift EVER. 🙂

  14. An Apple Macbook Pro 15" laptop. And a cushy chair:)

  15. I'm easy. If anyone gets me a book, I love them.

    My dad is the same way, and my older brother is harder to buy for as well. I guess I don't get people who don't want things.

  16. Hey everyone! I see some new faces! Thanks for coming by, hanging out and sharing your Christmas wish list! I'm loving your lists!

  17. Hahaha! Love it! Hmmm…want? A Keurig. Need? Grace. Just sayin. Hugs!

  18. I really don't need anything and usually my husband impulse shops on December 24th and buys me the craziest things that I don't like. Oh well, its the thought, right??? :O)

  19. i want this new hair straightener from infrashine. it's like, $175. and i already have a perfectly not-good-enough one, you know? so not needed, just wanted. 🙂

  20. Bookshelves!! 🙂 Nice, expensive, cherry-wood bookshelves that'll last a long time and still look nice! 🙂

  21. Every year, my in-laws would buy my son a remote control car for Christmas. EVERY YEAR!!!

    they would ask him what he wanted and they would get a remote control car. They never worked more than a week. The carpet fibers would get up in the motor and burn it out just a few days after New Years.

    One year, when they asked what he wanted, I politely mentioned that whatever they get him, he DOES NOT want another remote control car. Buy anything else.

    They bought him TWO.


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