Frivolous Friday: Would You Rather…?

I love to play the game Would You Rather? Have you ever? No? Seriously?


Maybe I love this game so much because of the writer in me. Good writing is putting characters in all sorts of situations, none of them usually ideal, and making them choose.


 Let’s play! I’ll start off easy.

Would you rather…play this game or have all your fingernails pulled out one by one?

Good answer.

I’ll put up 3 Would You Rather questions. You pick one to answer or you can answer as many as you like, but you have to tell why you chose your answer for each question.

1. Would you rather be kissed by someone you don’t love or never be kissed at all?

2. Would you rather dance in the rain during a lightning storm with your lover or get locked in a deep freeze with your best friend (both bringing certain death)?

3. Would you rather fall to your death with the chance to say final goodbyes to loved ones or be ripped away to a deserted island to finish out your days alone, without the chance of saying goodbye and no one knowing why you left or where you are?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers and if you have a good “Would You Rather” feel free to add it to the mix! Have a fabulous Frivolous Friday and see you on Monday!

14 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Would You Rather…?

  1. I choose one. But wow these are hard!!! I picked number one cause the loss seems less to me. I would rather be kissed by a stranger than never ever be kissed.

  2. My kiddo has a "would you rather?" book. But the things they suggest are pretty gross. (I guess that appears to third graders) LOL
    I'd definitely want to say goodbye to loved ones before I die. Like one final hurrah before I go. 🙂

  3. I would defiitely rather dance in a lightning storm with a lover than get locked in a deep freeze. Tight spaces aren't good.

  4. You don't play nice, these are all really deep rathers IMHO.

    I'll go with never being kissed at all. Kisses without love are slimy–not worth experiencing at all! 🙂

  5. I would rather be kissed by a stranger than not kissed at all. It does seem sad to never be kissed (makes me think of a certain movie…)
    I'd rather dance in a thunderstorm. We have a deep freezer and it's COLD and dark and scary.
    And aren't you morbid today? I would want the chance to say goodbye. I think it would be easier on my family, although I'm so scared of heights I would definitely have to be pushed. I would never be able to jump on my own.
    You are in a devious mood today – Go write your Villain mwahahaha

  6. Thanks for playing, everyone!
    Lots of differences in opinions on kissing! Interesting. No, I guess I don't play nice. 🙂 They are hard and I think this is a good game to play when writing. The harder the choices our characters make, the deeper we can pull a reader in and feel the internal and external conflict.
    Plus, this was just fun and you're right, Sheri, I must be having one of my morbid days. Typical!

  7. Oh, I also LOVE the movie with Drew Barrymore, Never Been Kissed. Grossie Josie! 🙂

  8. These are all tough choices, but I'd take my chances dancing in the rain and lightning storm. At least it's with the person I love.

  9. I would most definitely rather dance in the rain with my hubby. What a way to go. 🙂

  10. I think I would rather be locked in a deep freeze…with you! At least I could laugh until I died! Lol!

  11. Sorry, I'm dancing in lightning. 🙁

  12. Dance in the storm…

  13. Jessica…you do have a wicked mind…don't you? LOL Ok…here goes. This is not easy!

    1)Kissed by a stranger. (One can always close their eyes and pretend!)
    2)Dance in the lightning! (well…if you experience the jolt while in an embrace…nevermind!)
    3)Island. Just can't imagine the splat!

  14. WOW! Do any other men read your blog? This does not do much for my masculinity.

    I would rather be kissed by a stranger, dance in the storm, and jump off the ledge. Who doesn't like kissing? Would rather die instantly by a lightening than slowly freeze to death. Same with ledge, quick death or slow and agonizing.


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