Frivolous Friday: Thrifty is Nifty


A dime a dozen isn’t just a phrase. 

When I was a kid growing up, I hated going to garage sales, it made me feel like I didn’t have enough money to go to a real store. I know, I know. Sigh.

If my mom wanted to piddle in a yard looking for depression glass or other housewares, fine. But I wasn’t going and if I had to, then I stayed in the car. Heaven forbid someone see me and think I was poor.


Ok, so it’s a rice cake, but it’ll do the job! Who
doesn’t love Quaker’s Cheddar rice cakes?

After I got married, I didn’t think about thrift stores or yard sales too much. Mostly because I still had a chip on my shoulder.

Then I met “Jane.” I’ve written stories and kept her anonymous, but she’s said she’s over it and I can call her by her real name. I choose not to. I like “Jane.” She can get her own blog. Get your own blog, Jane. To read some of our hair-raising adventures, click here, or here, or here for just a few of them!


“Jane” always looks
like this. All thrifty
 I prefer PJ’s.

Jane looks like a fashion model all the time. She doesn’t have much of anything that isn’t designer and that includes shoes, purses, and jewelry. Every time I asked her where she found an outfit, she said, “Goodwill!”

Goodwill? Did I hear her say that correctly? You look like that because of thrift stores?

“You wanna come with me?”

“To Goodwill?”

“I said it clearly.”

So I made a day of it with her.


You want me to dig through
clothes at thrift stores!?


I walked out with several pair of jeans all of which would cost over $100 a piece in the store for $20 total! I washed them and man, I’ve had tons of compliments. I have tons of shirts, dresses, even shoes (I clean them up really well and they have to be in fabulous shape) but I draw the line at undergarments and swimsuits. Some things just don’t need to be shared!

I’ve been making lots of days of it with her now. It’s too much fun!

The Goodwill outlet is a chore because you have to dig, but you can get a pound of clothing for $1.49. My daughter stays in Aeropostle, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Banana Republic thanks to thrift stores!


I look back and think, how silly was I? I’m wearing top brand clothing and paying 1/3 (I don’t do math–that’s why I write and none of my characters are mathmeticians–so it could be even less) of the price. Today I bought the cutest dress with the tags still on it. I probably ate the chip on my shoulder, especially if it was nacho cheese flavored. Either way, it’s gone, I’m glad, and I have extra money in my pocket to spend elsewhere.

If you’ve never thrift shopped but want to, here are 3 things you need to know:

1. For Goodwill outlets, bring latex gloves to dig. (You don’t have to, I like to.)
2. Bring hand sanitizer for when you’re done. (I like GermX green apple)
3. Wear comfortable shoes. We can spend hours at a time in one store–on concrete floors.

What about you? Do you like to shop thrifty and if so, what’s your greatest find? If you don’t…is it cuz you have a rice cake on your shoulder? 🙂

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

15 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Thrifty is Nifty

  1. Wow! Great finds!!
    I don't have a Goodwill store near me, but I do love to go to consignment shops. I found scarfs for $5 that were the same exact ones Anthropolgie had for $80. Talk about a score. 🙂

  2. I love shopping at thrift stores. Cut my teeth on them. The ones here in VA aren't all that great, but where I grew up in Austin, Texas, now let me tell ya – they knew how it was done.
    I STILL have clothes that I bought at thrift stores from my teenage years in my closet today. Yes, I still wear them. :o) I'm not even going to tell you how long that has been. Think Star Wars…A long, long, long…
    Oh and yes, I'm still the same size as when I was a teen. Never did get that growth spurt I was so counting on! Sigh…

  3. Okay, so I had to leave another comment. When I went to leave my last one the Security letters they asked me to write was "poreman" It's early and I'm tired, but I thought it ironic. lol.

  4. You have learned well, Grasshopper! I thrift shopped during my kiddos younger years and covertly thrift shopped for my oldest son during his teen years. My younger three boys have no qualms about hitting the thrift stores. Recently my hubby and I bought a queen sized sofa sleeper in for $150. I bought a London Fog ankle length wool coat for $20 and wore it for ten years. Last year I bought three pairs of shoes in great condition for a little bit of nothing. I buy frames for my paintings and toys for my grandson. is another GREAT resource. I have received a jogging stroller, a Kenmore dishwasher, a microwave, toys, books and clothes for my grandson, all for free! There will be a Freecycle group in your neighborhood.
    I have also "freecycled" many things from my household. Great post, Jessica.

  5. My best friend finds the coolest clothes in Goodwill and consignment shops! I tend to shop sales where they are 70 percent off but haven't bought new clothes in years anyways. But I know that feeling about first going in. It took some time but we search them for all sorts of things now–going to hit them next week for toys for my visiting grandson!

  6. Jennifer: That was a score! Location is the key in finding good stuff. Sometimes I have to drive 15-20 minutes away to get to a good one.

    Sheri: You crack me up! POREMAN. That is hilarious. And I don't wanna hear about you being in the same size clothes from your teenage years! ha!

    Living by Grace: AKA Jeri, I have wised up! My friend Jane got a couch for her outdoor porch for $10! It is amazing!

    Terri: Good luck on finding tons of neat toys! Have a great visit with your little man! 🙂

  7. LOVE the thrill of the hunt and LOVE the thrill of the perfect find even more! Now when I go to retail stores, I constantly think about all my good deals at yard sales and Goodwill, and I buy less! 🙂

    P.S. Jane always looks amazing.

  8. Glad you got the chip off your shoulder. I like thrift stores not only for clothing (I'm hard to fit, not chubby, hard to fit), but also for vintage glass, vintage what nots, and books. Thrift stores are fun. I've donated to the Salvation Army Store and I've shopped there.

  9. We spent $150 one day at Goodwill on…books! What great deals. I got Stephen King on writing in that batch. Love it!!

  10. I'm all about thrifting for Anna Marie, but somehow I don't have the patience to do it for myself! I guess "Jane" needs to give us all a lesson – because she DOES always look fabulous!

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