Frivolous Friday: How far is too far when researching?


So does anything look different? I know, right? I’m not savvy on the computer. I built a dummy blog trying to make this what I really envisioned, but I stink at it. Key word–dummy.

I have to give a big shout out to my friend and crit partner, Sheri Salatin, for her amazing skill to take my biz card and turn it into a great site, imo! Check out Sheri’s blog here.

Now, on with the show…this is it!

I’ve always taken dares and been adventurous–thus the many groundings. I blame my sister for the big stuff! Since she doesn’t read my blog because she suffers from adult ADD and can’t sit still long enough–ahem excuse–(I’m totally rolling my eyes right now), I can say what I want about her, and she is to blame. 🙂

I think God made me this way to be a better researcher for my books. Okay, I might be stretching here to justify some of the ridiculous things I do, but it’s working for me so…

I wrote a blog about some of my research adventures–ones I take “Jane” on because she’s easily influenced and I like to surround myself with people I can make do things. I’m kiddng! I’ve had a ton of coffee and I haven’t put my net under my mouth to catch my sarcasm or filter anything yet this morning, so you’ll have to be patient and endure. See, I’m making you do things! Well, trying anyway, some of you are stubborn.


Back to the blog I wrote. I haven’t posted it because I started to think, “What if someone gets offended over a few of them?” Some of things I’ve done to get the feel for a character really happened to someone, and they may not think my research and the humorous disasters they became are funny.

I could be overthinking, but that generally never happens to me! I tend to do and then say, “Ooops.” I’m a WIP. Aren’t we all?

I’ve never done anything I know to be illegal while researching nor have I been convicted by God or a court of law.

What do you think? Care to share some things you’ve done as research for a character in your novel?

Have a great weekend and stay out of trouble!

22 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: How far is too far when researching?

  1. hmmm…Nope. Not really. (blush) okay, okay, I've kissed my hubby and really documented my feelings (in my mind, not on paper while we were kissing of course) about it. And NO I did not tell him I was thinking about the characters in my book while doing this.
    Like I said, no, I'd really rather not share… but you asked for it.

  2. Jessica, I like the new design for your blog. There's something soothing about the waterfall and black and gray template.

    As for research, I've gone horseback-riding and visited western museums to get a feel for life back in the nineteenth-century. If you ever read about bad-tempered horses in one of my stories, it's because I witnessed one throw my husband out of the saddle (Don't worry, he only suffered a bruise on the leg. It was horseshoe-shaped, though…).

  3. Love the new blog design! Awesome!

    I write Civil War era fiction. I do Civil War reenacting so I live the research by doing a living history event. I have a very good idea of what a 19th century soldier or woman civilian would have done, used, or felt in many situations.

  4. Well, I lead a rather staid life, but I'm usually up for a fun adventure as long as it isn't illegal!

    And I know what you mean about offending people. I shared a true story from high school (won't get into details, but let's say my girlfriend and I had unique ways of enjoying ourselves!) with a friend from church the other day and she looked at me–completely deadpan–and said, "Why would you ever do that?"

    My reply? "I don't know! We thought it was fun!"

  5. Sheri: Does that count as two-timing? LOL

    Brandi: I wrote a scene where my L.A. guy falls off a horse. It was humorous. Unfortunately, I had the experience so I could write about it appropriately. Horse-shaped bruise is hysterical! (probably not for him, though)

    Loree: I think your experiences are so neat. I would love to do a battle reenactment. I'd love to read your writing; you know so much history it's amazing and thanks for complimenting the blog! I love it. 🙂

    Jill: Ok, we so have to dish stories over cyber-coffee.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  6. I certainly hope not

  7. I love the look of your blog. It's really sharp.
    I've asked my friend who owns a bakery if I could sit and just watch what she does. 🙂 I think that's legal. LOL

  8. Love the new site…already mentioned it on FB, but hey…I can do it again!

    This is not fair! You can't tease us with great stories and then withhold! LOL…Of course I am a little far away to enforce this. (I'm looking for the winking eyes on my new laptop…give me a sec!) 😉 (found it!)

    As for me…well, I am boring. I go to never never land and become the character (just like Johnny Depp…it gets a little scary here!). I use life experiences as well, but try to become the character in my heart, head and emotions. Like I said…completely boring!

  9. Have not done much research–lol– I write what I know:)) Your blog looks very nice!!

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