Show Your Hand

Silly Bands…seriously…they are silly!

“For the last time, stop shooting that silly band at me!”

Those were my strained words as I sat in “my chair” thinking up a blog for after Christmas. My six year old son, Myles “Mayhem” stood across the living room shooting one of his BILLION silly bands at me.

He’d shoot. I’d twitch my right eye and flinch. Ignore him. Shoot. Twitch. Flinch. Ignore.
Finally, I’d had enough! “Myles, shoot that snowflake in the other direction and I mean it!”
He obediently (odd, yes) turned and shot a few times. I engrossed myself in preparing the blog (one to appear at a later time!) when I was jerked up from my writing to hear his outburst of sobs.

“What in the world is wrong with you?”

He blubbered and babbled in a way that only a mother could understand. My interpretation was, he’d shot the silly band behind our TV. It was gone. Lost. Forever. Those were his words. Melodramatic? A tad. Did he come by it honest? A tad.

I took a deep breath and stayed calm (odd, yes) then these words came out of my mouth without any thought. “Myles, instead of crying, why didn’t you just ask me to help you? Did you not think I could?”

“N-n-no.” Hiccup. Crocodile tears. Hiccup.


“I don’t know! It’s gone. Forever.”

“Well, guess what? I can do things you can’t. I can reach behind that TV. All you had to do was ask. Now, stop crying.” I went over to the TV, stretched behind there and with the tips of my fingers grabbed his ridiculous silly band.


And that’s when the Lord used my own words and spoke to my heart. “I can do things you can’t. I can reach behind what’s blocking you and take out what you’re reaching for. Now stop crying.”

“And the LORD said to Moses, “Has the LORD’s arm been shortened? Now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not.” Numbers 11:23

Truth be told, as touched and comforted as I was to hear Him, it probably won’t be long before I’m feeling all may be lost, before I’m reaching with my tiny arm that can’t go very far and before I’m boo-hooing again, (I’m but dust) and no doubt, He’ll lovingly give me another reminder to keep going and show me how strong He is. But for now…I’m recharged, calm, and ready for another round.

For those of you out there, who have been promised that your book will be in print to minister to others or whatever your dream is will be fulfilled–don’t give up. Stop crying in disbelief and keep knocking. Be persistent. Be still while you wait. Hope. Keep dreaming. Keep writing or whatever it is you need to do to press on toward what God’s shown you. And in the wait, let’s encourage and remind each other that He’s going to do what He says He’s going to!


 Do you believe God can do what He says He can? Has it been so long, you wonder if He even spoke a promise to you or breathed a dream inside you?

Anyone out there have a testimony of God’s miraculous hand reaching into the impossible and pulling out the possible!?

Be blessed and I hope you all had a very Merry CHRISTmas!

2 thoughts on “Show Your Hand

  1. Why is it our first instinct is the crying and not to seek God? This is a great reminder that if I would turn to Him first, I would save myself a lot of Kleenex.

  2. Great thoughts here, Jess! So often I limit God by only thinking about what I can do…silly me! Our God is huge and just waiting for us to come and ask for His help! Thanks for the reminder! And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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