If you like to read…get ready for this!

I had an amazing trip to Chicago, though I nearly got blown to Kingdom come! The OneRepublic/Maroon 5 concert was great! We were also quite entertained by the couple below us! I’ll refrain from blogging about that. Besides, you had to see it to believe it!

I got home late and my liBERRY book was in. (Yeah, I said liberry like my son!) I chose to read the first book in the Kanner Lake series by Brandilyn Collins. She’s the “seat belt suspense” writer and I gotta say, it fits her perfectly! The first book in the series was called Violet Dawn and it was excellent! I was on the edge of my seat (no seatbelt, so I nearly fell out) the whole time. She swept me in immediately and I could feel everything that the main character–Paige was going through and feeling. It’s Christian Suspense but if you like Dean Koontz, I think you’ll like her because her description is much like his…off the chart! She had a nice twist to it as well, for those of you who like surprise. Generally, I can guess what’s coming but I never guessed this one! Bravo, Ms. Collins!

I’m now in bed listening to Tim rant about his 200 emails from being on vacation…also amusing…Myles spent the last thirty minutes staring at his candy until I checked every single piece because his assistant teacher decided to tell the entire 1st grade class about a little girl who ate a piece of candy laced with a sewing needle and she swallowed it. (Thanks for turning a night of friendly fun into a horror flick, Miss I won’t say your name!) Sigh…

I don’t know if you do the church alternative, trunk or treat, or trick or treat. We did all 3! I knew the houses we trick or treated at and I’m trusting God that sweet little granny Mae at XXX Church didn’t lace my kid’s candy with her sewing needle. After all, won’t she need it Monday morning to knit her great grandkids a horrid Christmas sweater???? Who knows!
My point…read Violet Dawn and eat your kid’s candy in the name of keeping him/her safe! Have a great Monday, ya’ll!

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