Get Your Grubby Paws Off!!

I’ve had a headache for the last week. I have some big decisions to make and I want to be sure that I’m making the right ones. I suppose you’ve been in the same boat. The question lately is, “Do I?” or “Do I not?”

I’ve walked around like a zombie–looking folks in the eye and not hearing a word they’re saying, doing day to day activities on autopilot but inside I’ve felt like a caged animal. Desperate to kick the door open and make my way out. That trapped urgent feeling to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

“God, should I?”  Feet tap. Hands strum on the table. Bottom lip becomes gnawed. “Well? Help me! What do I do? I’m so confused and I’m freaking out.” Deep breaths. More deep breaths.

No answer.

The more I read what others are doing the worse off I become. The more I doubt. The further away I feel.  “They say this….they say that….”

I’ve worked myself into a frenzy and the dull thump behind my eyes has exploded into a full blown migraine!

My friends’ opinions are split right down the middle–thanks for no help at all! 🙂

I came home this afternoon and decided to browse some old articles I’d placed in my church’s newsletters ages ago. What I came across was old “Patch Packets” I had written for the young adult Sunday school class I taught before we quit having Sunday School. I would write a week worth of bible study for them and then on Sunday hand out a new one. They became labeled as “Patch Packets.” I really loved doing them!

I clicked on one of them randomly, not searching for anything in particular and this is what I opened it up to. My writing. From at least two years ago.

“It is crucial to BELIEVE. We must believe the promises given to us by the Lord–the promises of His word and personal promises He places in our hearts. God accounted Abraham’s belief to him as righteousness (right standing with God). He believed. Belief is FAITH.

Abraham didn’t have to DO any works to earn the promise, he didn’t have to be good enough or act in any certain way FIRST. He simply had to believe that God would do exactly what He said He would do. Read Romans 4:20-22.

If God promises, believe He is ABLE to perform it!

Sometimes we believe God, but after a period of time we begin to question or doubt what He said or if He’s ever going to come through for us. Sometimes we may still be hanging on a thread of belief and someone else’s doubt–someone close to us– can pull us off the dangling rope of faith in His promises. That’s what happened to Abraham, when Sarah began to doubt.  Read Genesis 16: 1-2.

Sarah is not waiting on God, she’s taking matters into her own hands and because there has been a long period of time to wait, Abraham allows his wife to talk him into doing something he shouldn’t!

Remember, we can’t speed God’s timing along. He is long suffering. He expects us to develop this characteristic as well. When we take matters into our own hands, we can birth things in our lives that shouldn’t have been birthed. Just like Abraham. He had a son with his servant Hagar. Look what kind of man Ishmael was to become. Genesis 16:12″

The minute I read this, I knew my answer. The desperate feeling of making something happen slowly slipped away and I felt like I could breathe again. I’m mostly writing this blog today because I want to be able to revisit it when the creepy-crawler feeling comes back. I need the reminder that it doesn’t always matter what “they” say. The bottom line is…”What does God say?”

I’m not going to do nothing. I’m praying, preparing, and planning. I’m going to do what He told me to begin with and nothing more. I’m not going to get worked up when I see what everyone else is doing. I’m going to believe and trust God to perform His promises.

What about you? Are you trying to accomplish God’s purposes in your own timing? With your own hands? Ecc. 3:1 A time and purpose for everything….

Take a breath…take a Tylenol…and get your grubby paws off God’s timing! (and I will too!…well, I’m taking Aleve but…)
Oh, and if you see me with a glazed look in my eyes, snap your fingers in my face and say, “Hey, you ain’t no Sarah! Focus!”

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