Disappointing Final Chapter

Today was supposed to be the grand opening of my new online home, but some unforeseen events transpired and it looks like it’s going to be later in the week. I’m not giving out another date, you’ll just have to be surprised. 

Are you disappointed? All the hype and then…nothing.
Let’s learn a lesson from this. When we’re writing, remember to follow through. As we lead readers towards the climax, we have to keep in mind that the end has to be equal to or greater than the threads we use to pull them along.

If you’re writing a romance, and the tension intensifies all through the book, let the ending be a bang! A satisfaction that leaves readers thinking about it for days.
If it’s a mystery, and you’re leading readers to an unknown murderer, make the twists and the revelation send their jaw to the floor. 
If it’s suspense, don’t peter out at the end with an easy save for the hero. Make it hard for him or her to win. 
Have I missed anything? 
Chime in, Writers.
Readers: name a book you’ve read lately that gave you a satisfying end and why?

WHEN my website goes up, I promise I’m still giving away prizes. I may have several just because I’ve left you all in suspense for so long. 🙂