Would You Rather with Hannah Conway

Hey friends! I’m super excited to have author Hannah Conway on the ole’ blogaroo today to celebrate her debut novel, The Wounded Warrior’s Wife! We’re playing a few rounds of Would You Rather. 

You Rather
…have a job you love with very low pay or a have a job you
hate that pays very high?
Hannah: A job
I love with low pay! You have to love what you do!
Collier: It’s
not like I’m getting rich in the Army, so I’m gonna go with the low pay.
Whitleigh: Gonna
have to say low pay. I’m a stay at home momma and I’d rather be paid in kissed
any day.
…find your true love but have all your friends hate you or
never find your one true love and have a lot of caring, good friends?
Hannah: That’s
hard Jess! I see the pros in both! It’s all about learning to be content in
whatever situation you’re in. Since I HAVE to answer, I will. I would find my
true love and have all my friends hate me. There’s something beautiful about
the marriage bond God designed. Friends have to understand that.
Collier: Hmm.
Well. I get the whole having friends thing, but when you find the one you love
you need to go for it. Fight for it. Friends don’t cuddle to well anyway.
Believe me, being out in the field with a bunch of smelly guys. Yuck.
Whitleigh: First
off, I’d have to find out why my friends hated my one true love. There’s
something to be said about wise council. Perhaps they could see things in my
love that I couldn’t, and then I could address those issues with him. With that
said, I’m going to side with Collier and his answer.
…If in doubt with the person you love is it better to
continue following or let go?
Hannah: My
initial reaction is to always make it work. I’m so pro-marriage it’s not even
funny, but you didn’t mention anything about marriage, lol. If you’re in doubt
with that person you love, talk to them. Try to work it out. Get professional
counseling if need be. The lack of communication is a love and relationship
Collier: As a
soldier you follow orders as their given no questions asked. There are some
serious consequences if you don’t, but in love, that’s a different game. If
we’re talking marriage, follow, work it out, but if you’re dating, try to work
it through but don’t break your back without a commitment there. Know what I
Hannah, I couldn’t agree more. Collier and I struggled with communication. We
weren’t getting each other and then we stopped talking about the big subjects
for one reason or another. I had many doubts about our relationship, but it was
important not to let go.
…always be serious or never, ever be serious about anything?
Hannah: I
would be always serious, but I’d have to have someone never, ever serious
around me to provide comic relief while I freak out over solving the world’s
Collier: Never,
ever be serious. Life is so full of terrible things that I honestly would
rather laugh my way through life than have to keep seeing the things I’ve seen.

Whitleigh: I’m
okay with Collier being the never, ever serious one. I’ll go ahead and be
always serious. Like Hannah said, that would be a nice balance to have one with
the other. I tend to be more serious anyway.
Great answers! You can connect with Hannah in various ways!
Email:                      authorhannahconway@gmail.com
Web:             www.hannahrconway.com
Twitter:        www.twitter.com/hannahrconway                      #thewoundedwarriorswife
Goodreads:            www.goodreads.com/authorhannahconway
 Here’s a peek at Hannah’s novel:
Battles Raging Within Are The Ones
You Must Fight To Win

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wife, Whitleigh Cromwell, struggles after an unexpected deployment during the
height of the Iraqi war sends her husband, Collier Cromwell, away for another
year. Their lives tumble down a path marked with strife, and fatalities,
crippling their faith when Collier brings home a war of another kind leaving
Whitleigh wondering if some wounds are beyond God’s ability to restore.