You Spin Me…


…round, like a record, right round…

That’s how I’ve felt the last week. Dizzy. Spun. Thank you, Vertigo.  Yep, on vacation I rode this crazy wild ride. It’s called…the log ride. Yeah, you read that right. The. Log. Ride.

Rode that joker like a pro. Up…up…up…at the end then about 30 seconds down the chute. My stomach dropped and my head spun, like a record right round, baby.

Then on Sunday, the dizziness came back and wouldn’t let up. Turns out I have Vertigo. 

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten on that ride. Warning bells rang all the way to the entrance and through the line of cattle people. But I ignored the bells. Ignored the warning in my gut.

And I’ve spent a week spinning. Can’t quite find my balance. Can’t do all the things I know I do need to do. 

Also, I’ve learned a good spiritual lesson. When the warning bells go off in my spirit, when red flags raise in my life, heed the Spirit’s warning and obey. 

Doesn’t matter how seeminly innocent it is, how fun the ride, how adventerous, or how much somone might beg me (even if it’s not a bad thing).

If there’s a hint of warning. Say no. Pull back. Disengage.

God knows what’s best for us. He sent His Spirit to live inside us. To guide us into all truth and to teach us (among other wonderful things like comfort and bring things into remembrance that we’ve been taught). 

Don’t let ignorning God’s warning turn your spin your life out of control like a record on the turntable. Forego the dizziness. 

Ask God to put you back in balance. He’s willing, ready, and able. 

Get the focus back. Uprightness. Whole. 

It’s time to do the things He has asked you to. 

Who’s ready? 


“Dear friend, pay close attention to this, my wisdom; listen very closely to the way I see it. Then you’ll acquire a taste for good sense; what I tell you will keep you out of trouble.”
Proverbs 5:1-1 MSG
Have you ever had vertigo? Can you climb on rides and not suffer?