Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Manuscript


Hey everyone! This week has been crazy. My son has Croup. So I’ve been kind of scarce in the comments.

And I’ve been trying to hang out more on my Facebook page so if you want to chit-chat daily, “like” the page (sidebar) and hope and pray it shows up in your feed so you’ll remember me! ha!

Today, I’m over at the sweet Hannah Conway’s blog sharing 3 tips on how to spring clean your manuscript!  But before you head over here’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods. My son has his first sparring Karate tournament Saturday. Yes, I plan to yell, “Sweep the leg, Johnny!” And if I can come up with one of those Tom Toms (it is a tom tom right?) from Karate Kid II, I’m gonna use it!

But before I go to his sparring event, I’m speaking at my writer’s group on Deep POV. Deep POV is like when Patrick Swayze stepped into Whoopie Goldberg. Creepy, but it’s becoming your character. So you can probably guess how it’s gonna go tomorrow. lol

And I’m knee deep in paid critiques which is awesome! If you want fresh eyes on your manuscript see my Critiquing/Editing services page and email me! I’d love to partner with you!

Have a great weekend, and come by Hannah’s! CLICK HERE! 


Speaking of movies, give me a favorite line from one of yours?