Musing on Exodus 14:13-14: Winning Battles


This could be one of
my favorite verses in the Bible. Of course, I say that about every verse we
muse on. What I’m going through at the time determines my favorite verse for
that moment.
On  Wednesday we’ll unpack this verse. Does being
still mean doing nothing? What is the difference between standing firm and
being still, or is there one?
Meditation/Musing Prompts: Look at the picture
with the little girl walking alone on the beach. Miles of sand. A huge ocean at
her back and sides. How does this photo parallel to these verses? Put yourself
in the place of the child. Think about times God has fought for you. Meditate
on the deliverance He brought, the victory you felt, let it encourage and
strengthen you for the next challenge/battle/war that comes.  Examine yourself; do you let God fight for
you? Think of some times you tried to fight in your own power, how did it turn
out? Picture the LORD as a “a Man of War, trained for battle” take
comfort in His expert skill and leadership.
Prayer for today: Lord, with all the miles we
have to walk, the hot sand on our feet and an endless ocean of battles that
seem too hard to beat, with taunting waves that threaten and overwhelm us, we
know that you fight for us. That you love us. We are not alone. Thank you for
the times you’ve delivered us, extended and lavished grace and mercy. Thank
you, that you never fail us. You never leave us deserted and alone. Even when
we feel like you do. Thank you that we don’t have trust our emotions, even when
our faith sinks and we can’t trust that, we can trust the facts. The facts of
your word are true and faithful. They are reliable. They are guarantees. And
your word says, that you will fight for us. You will deliver us. You will show
yourself might and strong on our behalf. That you are with us to the very end.
Bless your name, Lord.
picture says a thousand words. In your own words, what do you see when you look
at the above picture? It can relate to the verse, but it doesn’t have to. It
can be serious or funny. I love to see how each mind is unique and thinks
differently. It’ll be fun reading the comments, come back if you have time and
see how we all look at one picture but see many different things!