Little This and That: #TEXTFAIL

Texting. Seriously? They need to put a recall button on there so when you send heinous things on accident you can retrieve them. It would save us all a lot of embarassment but then if you’re like me and rarely get embarrassed, it would kill some laughter we may not have otherwise had that day. And we all know laughter makes a merry heart. Basically, laughing is good for us. It’s a medicine of sorts.
Anyway, point is, a recall button would have saved me from sending the following text to our youth pastor this past week.  
So ever had a #textfail? Let’s fill twitter today with all our #textfails. Send a snapshot or tell us in 140 characters and don’t forget the hashtag #textfail
Feel like getting friends on board? Share the fun on facebook/twitter and other social media sites! How fun could this be!
Do you get embarrassed easily?