Musing on Psalm 31:24

Sometimes God will
ask you do something so far out there you have to ask, “God, was that you
or that extra chili dog I ate last night messing with my brain?” Those are
the times we have to lean on this verse. Be strong, take courage to obey and while
He works behind the scenes, wait, hope and expect!
I have a such a
great story to share with you about wild commands, crazy actions and a long,
long wait full of hope and expectation and yes even questioning, doubt, and
angst. So come back on Wednesday!
Musing/Meditation Prompts: What promise has God
given you? Are you waiting with hope and expectation or are you full of anxiety
and doubt? How can you actively take courage today to revive that hope and
expectation? Strengthen yourself by musing on past victories, past promises fulfilled.
is one thing you can do today to take