Married to a “Homeless” Man

Everyone loves a little romance, yes? I just read an article about a couple who worked at a homeless ministry together. 

They spent weekends handing out free pizza downtown, but on one particular day, a homeless man walked up to the young woman. Long hair, hood, sunglasses, he told her she was kind of cute and then he pulled out a red ring pop and asked her to marry him.

Of course, she grinned and those around them laughed but then he said, “What about now?”

Off came the hood, the mask, the sunglassses, and her boyfriend dropped to his knee and pledged her his heart!

If that doesn’t get the writer plots turning, what does? You have to watch the short little video, as he filmed it from beginning (getting ready) to end–her reaction is priceless and I admit, the romantic in me teared up!

What are some unique proposals you could dream up? If you’re married, how did your husband propose?
Or how could you spin a plot with this story?

Here’s the video/story link and it’s worth the two minutes to watch! 

“Homeless” man proposes to a girl

photocredit: freedigitalphotos/michalMarchol