If You Died Tonight…

“We don’t have forever. 
If you died tonight where would you be? Where would your soul spend eternity?”

Big Daddy brings it home in a way no other band can. And once again, their songs help me write. Don’t skip it, today! Click play. Have a listen. 

Have a great weekend!
What will you do to make it meaningful?

I Can’t Get Enough Big Daddy!

Big Daddy Weave is one of my favorite bands. Besides the fact his voice is beautiful, their message through song is powerful and moving. I love feel good tunes for sure and some ballads move me. But Big Daddy always raises chill bumps on my skin. I feel their faith through the music and the lyrics. 

Seems I always find one or two songs in every manuscript I write that Big Daddy helps me bring to life. One day, I shall put them in the acknowledgment section of a novel, or all. ha!

I shared their song Redeemed on July 4th but I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a while. I love the message even if it’s one of their older songs. Their new album is amazing! Check it out on Spotify and iTunes!

What have you been listening to?