Holy Thunder!


“When the people heard the thunder and the loud blast of the
ram’s horn, and when they saw the flashes of lightning and the smoke billowing
from the mountain, they stood at a distance, trembling with fear.” Exodus 20:18

I am always awed by the holy sound of God. Can you imagine
the horn blowing from the heavens? No trumpeter to see. No horn to gaze on.
Just a holy blast.
Lightning in a slicing flash, so bright you’d have to
thunder that surpassed a mighty roar.
Last week at my mom’s, it stormed. A fierce storm. The
garage door was up and I opened the kitchen door to hit the button and let it
down, but the second I swung it wide, thunder cracked and lightning struck the
ground ten feet away. Pink and purple sparks flew like fireworks and the house
across the street lost power.
I’ve heard loud thunder. I’ve seen vivid lightning, but
never struck so hard and close that my chest shivered. It terrified me so much,
I shrieked and ran.
Before I had a single thought.
Before I could tell myself I was safe.
Before I could rationalize it was only lightning and thunder.
And I think that must have been what kept the people
trembling with fear at the foot of the mountain.
I think it’s why they refused to go back, telling Moses he
could relay God’s word to them but they would not get closer.
God is awesome. He is holy.


And our first reaction is to run as far away as we
can. We are sinful. The wages of sin is death. And we are to fear a holy God.

And that is why I am so thankful for a holy Savior—who came
so that when the awesomeness and holiness of God thunders, we bow. We fear, but
not in a dreadful manner. But with deep respect. We don’t run.
We draw near.
We are
safe. Thanks to Jesus. Thanks to His righteousness covering us.
“Christ ended the law so
that everyone who believes in him may be right with God.” Romans 10:4 NCV
This morning on the way to work, it was storming. Loud
thunder. Brilliant strokes of lightning.
And I was listening to this song–new album out from Kim
Walker-Smith with Jesus Culture. Take a few minutes and feel the holiness of

Absorb it. 

Tremble at it.

Bow to it. 


you ever watched lightning strike the ground?