What Had Happened Was…June 29th


Why yes, yes it is
another blog on what was happening in History on June 29th. Ya’ll ready for
this? bomp, bomp, bomp…
Pope Benedict XVI
announces the launch of a new Vatican website, news.va; he also performs the
first tweet ever made by a pope
I wonder if he
uses the #Jesustweeters tag? You think he does follow-backs?
“I know, right?”
PB’s response to the ?
“Is it true you’re on twitter?”
The General
Assembly of Rhode Island passes legislation allowing same-sex couples to
enter civil unions 
I was in Rhode
Island in 2011. My husband married his cousin Ben. No one seemed to mind. (that never gets old) It was a lovely wedding, Ben and Julia!
 Also, did Pope B tweet about this? Not Ben and Julia’s wedding…civil unions.
Emmy 16th Daytime
Award presentation – Susan Lucci loses for 10th time
I have a photo of
Lucci posted on my wall. She’s the epitome of perseverance. Also if you
believe I have a photo of Lucci, I have some swamp land in Texas I want to
sell you. Gosh, I’ll be embarrassed if there actually is swamp land in Texas.
There’s not…is
“I borrowed this from Deidra Hall, sssh
give me my moment.”
premieres in U.S.
Please for the
love tell me you know what this is? I’ll give you a hint. He likes his
martinis shaken…not stirred. Love me some James Bond. Connery. Moore. My two
“Wow it’s a jungle out here.”
Oh, Bond, you are so observant.
Cue dreamy sigh.
Thru’ The Tulips With Me” by Tiny Tim peaks at #17
Sounds like
something a serial killer, dubbed Tiny Tim for the way he can squeeze through
cracked windows and leave tulips at the crime scene, would say. Oh that’s
good! Dibs! You must click on this at least for a second, it only solidifies my serial killer idea. Not that the photo itself doesn’t.

there you have it, everyone! My husband’s birthday is tomorrow but we’ll be
celebrating today so I might be thin on comments! Have a great weekend! Any
big plans? Little plans? No plans? Share!