To Be Announced! It’s Almost Time!

This is my great niece’s bedroom. So cute.

Well, we rolled into IL last night, hopped in the car with my OLDER sister and her hubby and took off to St. Louis to buy a pack-n-play and eat dinner.

Dinner was not good.

Dessert was fabulous. I think we all had a moment of silence.

I snapped a few pics of the nursery yesterday. So I want to show them to you and later this morning, when the little rascal is born, I’ll introduce her to you!

The amount of spoiling already happening for this child…ridiculous. But hey! She’s the first granchild! And I’ll tell you guys later why this is all so special, other than it being a baby and all babies are special!

This is her closet! OMG! Ha! I didn’t even
take pictures of her drawers. It was too overwhelming.
Okay, so it wasn’t, but I was ready to go. I needed FOOD!
And the smell of fingernail polish remover was grossing me out. She’s
having a scheduled C-section due to medical issues, so NO polish!

How cute is this? My sister’s husband’s
sister, just go with it, did all the painting.
She also makes cakes. I hope she makes one
for the birth. I hear they’re wonderful.
And…I like cake.