I’d Rather Be…


 I know it’s Thursday, but I have guest post  scheduled tomorrow, thus my regularly scheduled blog post today. 

Let’s all pretend it’s Friday, shall we?

So, my birthday is Sunday and it’ll probably be a fairly normal day. One: My dad will be in town, so running off for a romantic getaway with my husband is out. Don’t think I haven’t thought about just leaving him with the kids and going anyway, but I only see him twice a year so…what kind of a crappy person do you think I am? The kind that thinks about leaving. Right–but I’m not, leaving that is. I did indeed think about it.

Instead, I’ll day dream of one place I’d love to go. While there are many this is just one. Let’s go there together, shall we? In our imaginations that is. I can’t be sure I’d want to travel to this place with you. Unless, you were paying as a birthday gift and in that case, “Let’s go! I love you! BFFs 4Ever!”





I want to visit this castle and explore it at
night with only a candle. Uh, hello, I’m
not totally crazy, I have my cell phone
flashlight for back up. But how fun would that
be? Yes. Lots of fun. And if you’re buying,
you’re invited.

I want to stand at this window and 
brush my hair–here’s where I get confused
because I either want to gasp as I see a sea monster, 
which can’t be Nessie because that’s Scotland. (We
could pretend this is Scotland) or I want the whole
Rapunzel scene except I don’t want some big
burly dude climing up my hair. That seems
rather painful and by the time
he made it to the top, I’d have a headache and he’d say,
“Are you serious? That’s so cliche. And you’re a writer. tsk tsk.”
And we’d get in an argument about, well, you know. Also,
this man would have to be my husband or we have another
set of issues and this is a fairytale not women’s fiction. 
Point is. I want to look out of this


I’d like to sleep in this bed, as long as someone hasn’t
you know…died in it and the sheets are clean. I see a whole
Rumplestiltskin thing happenin with that spindle in the corner.
Are those like big riding boots beside it? They’re as tall as the bed!
And they’re facing the bed like an invisible dude is standing over it.
I just changed my mind. X the bed.


And I want to stand on these moors, or is it this moor…? Whichever and I want to see HeathCliff through the fog and I want him to look right at me and say, “If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you, I would be your slave.” And I would take him up on it because that means someone else toting my luggage through the airport. And who doesn’t love Wuthering Heights? Or maybe I stand at the edge and think about jumping which plants me right into New Moon. HeathCliff or Edward Cullen? Well technically not Cullen because he’s off trying to kill himself in Italy–which is also on my list of places to travel. It’d be Jacob. I’m going with Wuthering Heights. Yeah, I know it’s not set in Ireland. This is my imagination!

So there you have it. What I wish I was doing on my birthday. And I had so much fun with this that I may do a Where in the World is JR Patch? on Fridays. Maybe you’ll have to guess or maybe I’ll tell you. Maybe I’ll actually work in some facts about the locations. Guess, I need to work out the details. But it sounds like fun and if not fun, blog fodder at the very least. 
Where is one place you’d like to visit and why?