Passion or Obsession: Guest Blog with Debbie Cerise


Today, one of my best friend’s mom will be sharing a devotion. Debbie sends out encouraging devotions to almost 100 people weekly/bi-weeklythrough email. I loved the one she did this week and asked if she would share it here in my corner of cyberspace! Welcome Debbie!


Good morning, I was listening to the Christian radio station the other day, (KLOVE) and they were interviewing a woman who wrote a book titled, “Made to Crave.” Her name is Lysa Terkeurst.  

As she spoke about her book she really peaked my interest. She explained that she had a problem with food, more specifically, controlling the amounts of food she ate. Now before I lose you because you may not have any problem pushing

 away from the table, you may have a problem pushing away from something else.

I am always drawn to books, stories,  and shows about health and fitness. I really love it. Now most of you have never seen me in person, but I don’t look like a person who is obsessed with this subject.


I am not obsessed, I am passionate about it, and I do like to share my passion with others. But just because someone reads and studies a subject doesn’t always mean they carry out what they learn.

I think the Lord revealed that to me by comparing what I also read and learn from His word. I don’t alway carry that out either. But one of the things that drew me in was  she acknowledged the fact that she knew from scripture…

We are made to crave.

The dictionary’s definition of the word crave is, “to yearn for, to want greatly, to have a strong inward desire.” So is God trying to play a trick on us? He made us to crave and when we do, we end up in trouble.

Now you know God is not like that right?

Let’s take a look at  the scripture that she quoted. “How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”

He placed a deep need and desire in our hearts for Him. The problem is that we fill that hole with other things, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, whatever.  We’ve talked about this before, but I thought it might be a good time to do it again because people usually try to make changes in their lives around this time of year.

What do you crave?

What physical desire are you trying to meet outside of the will of God? What material desires are you trying to meet outside of His will?

The last thing she brings to our attention , do we try to get our needs for significance met outside the will of God? I know, she really asks hard questions. It is worth thinking about.

The Bible is clear, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world-the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does-comes not from the Father but from the world”. 1 John 2:15-16.
In the first scripture we are told it is right to yearn and want greatly a relationship with God. But it is not right to yearn and want greatly the things this world has to offer. Now you know what I am talking about when I say the world. All the things that look great on the outside but can lead to destruction.
An intimate relationship with someone outside of your marriage– seems harmless but ends in disaster. Taking some pills to help get you through, next thing you know you can’t get through the day without them. You get the picture.
Again, I enjoyed reading this book because it’s a subject that I am passionate about. But even that can get out of control. If I spend more time reading and studying about health and fitness and thinking about it more than the Lord, that is when I have crossed a line.
Even something good can be bad if you cross the line.

This year let’s all crave a relationship with Lord. Put Him first in your life, and see what happens. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33.

In other words, let us stop trying to fill our own needs and desires. Focus on God and let Him fill you up. What do you think?

Debbie Cerise
About Debbie
Just a bit about myself. I have been married for 37 years to my first love and really only love.  I met my husband in the 5th grade and just thought he was so awesome. I have never loved anyone but him in my life. We married 2 years after I graduated high school, and he joined the Navy. We  later had 3 incredible children and 7 even more incredible grandchildren, one of them lives with Jesus. They call me “Mia”. I love being with family. We have so much fun together now that they are grown and have a little “clue” about life. They have truly become my best friends. I work for my youngest brother who is actually 19 yrs. younger than I am. He could have been my son. My mom was pregnant as I was planning my wedding. His business is Kidcam Summer Camp and I help him manage 18 summer camps from his corporate office.  I enjoy teaching bible studies in my home and have a passion to help families who are affected by drugs and alcohol.I am so privileged to say that my entire family knows and loves the Lord. That is the biggest blessing since my husband and I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Such is my life!

Snow Day: It’s Every Day


“Snow Day!” Myles is thrilled to stay home. Bailey grunts, “Just one more day we’ll have to make up later.” She’s so positive.

As I pour my first cup of coffee, the best cup of the day, Myles begs me to go out and play. Bailey’s too proud to beg. I can hear the song lyrics in my head as I glance at her and pour the last of the peppermint mocha creamer into my mug.

“I don’t care.” I have no intentions of going out. I silently hope they won’t ask me to go with them. I’m certainly not offering myself up on the altar of frozen toes and fingers. I’ll be quite happy looking out the window, drinking my coffee, staying warm from the fire. No sireee, I am not an outdoors woman.

I sigh in relief because they don’t care if I come. They know by now it’s not my thing, although as they run off to gear up for the rare southern snowfall, I hear Bailey say, “Can’t wait till Daddy comes home.” Daddy likes snow. Mostly, Daddy likes pelting his children with hardpacked snowballs and watching them drop like flies. I enjoy watching from the window as they scream for him to stop.

A new cup of coffee later, the kids come barreling out of their rooms, layered up for the endless snowplay. “Mom, Bailey says not to eat yellow snow. What’s yellow snow?”
“When animals pee on the snow.”
“Eeew,” he smacks Bailey’s arm (as if she can feel it) and frowns, “Why would I do that?”
She laughs and opens the door. The gust of icy wind reminds why I’m not going out with them. “Have fun,” I call as they take off, Myles slips immediately on the patio but jumps up, “I’m okay!”


By my third cup of coffee, I hear the backdoor open and I’m all ready to yell at them, “Look, in or out. I’m not having you drip all over the floors and freeze the house out.” I walk into the living room and see Myles on the couch with a bowl of Cheetos and Bailey picking up wet clothes.

“What’s going on?”

Myles looks at me and sticks his feet out, “I got frostbite.”

“You haven’t been out long enough for frostbite.”

He shrugs, “Have you been out there?” I get his point. How would I know? I hide my grin and ignore his smart aleck remark, because it’s just Myles. He isn’t being rude or defiant.

“Bailey, are you going back out?”


“Maybe later.” I know what that means.

I know that’s a no.  I reheat my cup of coffee, come back into my room and sit down at my desk to finish the last page of a Bible study and it hits me.

We, as Christians are a lot like my family on a Snow Day. We spend a lot of time talking about playing in the snow. I like the idea of it, but I’m not willing to even try. I enjoy the comforts of my own four walls. My kids go, but don’t stay out long enough to build anything. They spent more time gearing up than going out.

The world around us is forever like winter. Cold. Bitter. Icy enough for us to get bitten, but we must venture out and DO something. The four walls of our churches are too comfortable. We talk about going out. We gear up to go– through the preaching, programs, and plans. Some spend all their time gearing up and never going. Some stay inside without ever venturing out and knowing they never will. Some go out but don’t stay long–never laying foundations, building relationships with people who need Jesus or suffering the frigid temperatures to get it done. It doesn’t feel like fun. It’s just too uncomfortable.

Only a few go out and stay out long enough to no longer feel their flesh or their noses run. They work hard. They build. They smile as they do it. They inspire. When they come inside, accomplishment glows from their rosy cheeks and cracked lips. Something wonderful has happened! It’s time to come in, get warm, get a bite to eat and a drink then go right back out.
My kids never made it back out. They talked about it throughout the day. “Maybe tomorrow.” The sun came out. And it melted the snow away, right along with their opportunity.
Don’t let your opportunities melt away.
So, what’d you do on your Snow Day?



Where you are matters!

I’ve noticed the last few days that The Word for you Today devotions are really speaking to me personally. Ever had that happen?

Especially with everything going on in my life at the moment, I couldn’t hear these things at a better time. I hope you’re encouraged by the small excerpt.

“God’s plans for your life always involve your gifts,His timing and being in the right place. But 3 things can keep that from happening: fear of failing, unwillingness to leave your comfort zone, and being swayed by the opinions of others…Where you are matters!”

Wow! If you’re a writer, I’m not sure how this doesn’t apply to you! 🙂

I’m working on looking at failure as a bump in the road on my way to where I’m going. In just a few months, I’m about to get real uncomfortable (I’m already feeling the effects), but RISK is something we have to take–especially when we know God is calling us somewhere! Where we are matters!

What about you? What keeps you from taking risks?