You Must Touch It!

Us chillin at the fair. I’m sittin on my butt.
What? It was cold!

Monday, I talked about BBQing at the Springfest and how we rode rides, well my kids did–I tried not to throw up.

I loved watching my 7 year old experience it. The food, music, atmosphere, rides, games. All of it.

He’s read books about fairs. I have too. In fact, I love experiencing new things through stories, but some things like events and places need to be a hands-on experience. 

Like the fair.

For example, I enjoyed a book about women who wore corsets and got ready for their debut, but I do NOT want to experience a corset hands-on. My uterus’ll fall out. It will! Just read about them! I also loved reading about a guy who sky-dived, but I don’t think I need the hands-on experience, but you may say differently, so…

Tell me something you think must be experienced hands-on vs. learning or reading about the experience.
Have a great weekend!