Coffee with Jess: Vlog #2

Hey, everyone! It’s Friday and today is another vlog! It’s a little longer than 2-3 minutes, but I’m telling a story thanks to Lacie Nezbeth and her question so…

Also a thanks to Martha Ramirez for the Liebster Award! Yay!

See you on Monday! *I may have exaggerated a southern accent for the sole purpose of humor…just sayin!

Coffee with Jess: A vlog

First of all, thank you to Cheryl Linn Martin for awarding me the Irresistibly Sweet blogger award! Glad you did it before today’s episode!

Yep, I took the plunge. I’m vlogging. Thanks to Katie Ganshert for her brilliant suggestions. If they didn’t work it’s all on me. Oh, and at the end, it keeps saying “My Movie”…ignore it. I haven’t worked out all the glitches. Whatever!

 Join me on Monday when you’ll get to meet the amazing woman and writer, Kimberley Gardner Graham–an Operation First Novel finalist! (and my friend)