Dear Teenage Girl,

Fill in the blank:

If I could offer only one piece of advice to a teenage girl, I would say________________________. 

Tonight, my daughter is having a slumber party for her 14th birthday. Ten teenage girls will be crowding my house with giggles, shrieks, and who knows what else. My husband and Myles rented a hotel room–they’re not sticking around for it, but my friend “Jane” is coming (with her daughter) to spend the night. 

We did the same thing last year, only Tim went to Thailand. LOL On a missions trip–not to escape. At least he said it was a missions trip. 😉 

I blogged about my daughter getting lost on our street in the subdivision on that night and the hoopla that went on. You can read it for fun HERE! 

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to share the advice you leave in the comments with her. 

*Photo credit: Freedigitalphotos