Which Novel Detective Are YOU? Take the Quiz!

 Hey friend!

I’ve designed a fun quiz you can take and share your results on social media! Which novel detective are you? 

I’ll be bringing you a brand new quiz each month! If you haven’t signed up for my monthly newsletter, Patched In, you can do that now! It hits inboxes the FIRST MONDAY of the MONTH! I make sure and post the monthly quiz link there, that way you won’t miss it.

So until next month, enjoy and let me know in the comments which detective you are! 





12 thoughts on “Which Novel Detective Are YOU? Take the Quiz!

  1. Susan Snodgrass

    I got Kay Scarpetta.

    1. Jessica Patch

      Cool!! She’s a favorite forensic detective of mine. I’m glad you took the quiz!

  2. Connie Hill

    I got Sherlock Holmes

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Oh woohoo!!! You’re quite the adept detective!

  3. Donna Griffin

    I got Kay Scarpetta.

    1. Jessica R. Patch

      Yay for Kay! 🙂

  4. Gloria A

    Kay for me too.

  5. Kailey Bechtel

    I got Jane Rizzoli

  6. Lisa Stillman

    I got Kay Scarpetta.

  7. Patricia Brooks

    I got Sherlock Holmes

  8. Lana Burton

    I got Detective Sherlock Holmes!

  9. Andrea Conner

    I got Kay


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