Are You Ready to EMERGE?


If you’ve known me two seconds, you know that I love Heather Sunseri’s books. Her debut Mindspeak series was off the charts amazing and her newest book EMERGE in a brand new series proves to be just as amazing.

In her true to “science goes sideways” form, she presents the coolest setting, fantastic quirky cast and a story that will rivet her readers. You should be one of her readers. Just sayin.

Happy Release Day! Now go, everyone, and buy the book! 
Buy the book!

Buy the books!
Mindspeak (the first book) is FREE! 

Plus, sign up for Heather’s newsletter and receive a FREE Emerge story!

One thought on “Are You Ready to EMERGE?

  1. Why do I keep singing the song, "Everything is awesome"????

    Thank you so much for this post, Jessica!! I'm so excited for people to read this new series. And I appreciate you so much!


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