What’s the Buzz? Valentine’s Day


Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. Do you do something special or not? I’m not a fan of overcrowded restaurants so we generally do something early or wait till the weekend. I love Valentine’s Day because it’s the anniversary of our first date! 20 years ago today, I agreed to go out with my husband as just friends.

Yeah. You see how that worked out. Here’s our real life romance story and humorous texts. CLICK HERE.

I’m a writer and lover of romance, but I don’t go giddy for flowers. Never have. I’d rather have cash that I can spend on something that won’t wilt and fall all over my table or counter, causing me extra cleaning time. I could write at least half a scene in the time it takes to dump flowers, sweep up dried petals, and wash a vase. Actually, I could write an entire scene.

I’m moving slower on my new WIP. I had to tweak the plot which meant going back through the early chapters and revising, plus I have some weird sinus issue. So my head is fuzzy and I keep forgetting this is a romance, nobody is supposed to buried alive or  held at gun point. I might need to write a romantic suspense after this story. 🙂

Oh, and my daughter still doesn’t have her permit. I’ll be driving her around for the rest of my life. Sigh.

So what’s going on with you? Try any new recipes lately? Going anywhere special for Valentine’s Day? Fan of the day or not? Are you a flowers kind of girl/guy? What’s your favorite?

2 thoughts on “What’s the Buzz? Valentine’s Day

  1. Kind of a tough day here, but it did begin with a lovely Valentine…I had dropped Barbara off at the commuter rail station, and when I got home started bleeding internally, rather badly. I let her know, and when it worsened was about to text her with a request for prayers…actually had the phone in my hand when a text came from her.


    That linkage in prayer requested and offered, through God's grace, seems to sum up the day quite nicely.

    Our current favorite 'flower' is Pitunia, the new Pit puppy. With her smiling mouth and outsized bat-ears, she does look rather floral.


  2. Not a fan of the day. Only like flowers if Hubby cleans them and gets them in the vase. And I completely think you should tackle a RS 😛 Have a great date time celebrating your milestone!!


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