If you can’t something nice…

…pray. Nope it’s not, “don’t say anything at all.” You need to say something. To God. And not in the context of, “God, please keep them away from me before I kill them! Please don’t let me have to work with them, minister with them or quite frankly, see them!”

This Wednesday, we’re going to look at what this verse means and how it applies to our actions and our prayer life and why it’s so important for us to bless those who may not bless us so much. 

This video below gives us a hint at our lesson. I kept today’s post short so you can pause for just a teeny tiny minute and let the words minister to you, focus you and give you an opportunity to worship our great God! Take it! 🙂 

Tomorrow my daughter will be fifteen! FIFTEEN! Leaner’s permit. Gulp! Pray for me, please. 🙂

Have you ever felt persecuted? May not have to do for Christ’s sake, but in general? How did you handle it? 

3 thoughts on “If you can’t something nice…

  1. This post really made me think…mainly because it's hard for me to think of a time when I've actually been persecuted. I can think of one person who has definitely tried multiple times to pick a fight with me over my faith…but I'm not sure that really counts as persecution. But the lesson still stands…I'm not supposed to avoid or talk negatively about or not talk at all to this person…but to pray for him.

  2. Wow, Jess talk about popping in to your blog for some conviction! I am afraid I too often have something "nasty" to say about someone…oh not to their face, but often in the privacy of my own home and it certainly does not bread a spirit of joy or holiness to Christ. Thanks for the God-sent reminder. 🙂

    1. *breed*. Sheesh. Time for a novel and bed. 😉


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