It Takes Courage to…


…to pray at all times. And it takes faith like a child. 

We’re going to unpack this verse in depth on Wednesday as we continue our series in humility based on Romans 12:9-21. Join me and isn’t this the sweetest picture you’ve ever seen? Feel free to pin it on your Pinterest page.

But now, take a few minutes to worship before moving on to your next blog post. The song gives us a hint into the lesson. Keep it classy i.e. humble!

What else does it take courage and childlike faith to do? 

5 thoughts on “It Takes Courage to…

  1. It takes courage to pray at all times–you're absolutely right. It's so easy to think God has forgotten us. But prayer reminds me He's always got us!

  2. Good stuff, Jess, for sure. For me, it takes courage to be flexible, to not know what the future holds…and to be cool with not knowing. 🙂

  3. It takes courage to trust that God uses broken people.

  4. Being joyful seems to be what's my theme for the day. I suppose I should listen:) Waiting for Wednesday!

  5. My daily devotional reading today was also a reminder to pray and think of God all through the day. Something we all need to do.


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