Hello, Mr. Wrong!

Hey everyone! I know my photo is of a cat. I know it’s crazy as I am not a cat lover. They wig me out! But this animal has the right look. Doesn’t she? 

“Uh, don’t even strut this way with a line you think goes down as smooth as butter buttah. It’s comin up about like one of my fur balls, yah freak.” Can you see that? 

 It’s great to be back but I’m sort of not here. I’m over at Casey Herringshaw’s blog and I’m talking about Mr. Wrong.

We hear so much about Mr. Right, so  I thought I’d share with you a few deal-breakers, in my opinion, about who constitutes Mr. Wrong. I have based these 3 things on my own personal experience. 

Please don’t judge me after reading.

One other item to share: I’m revamping my summer schedule. I have a WIP (Work In Progress) to revise and a few critiques to do over the summer and I’d like to focus my attention on them.  So for the rest of summer, I’ll only post on Wednesdays.

As always, plan to experience hope! 

And of course, I reserve the right to post on Mondays and Fridays if something crops up that I feel you can’t live without reading. 🙂 

So come by Casey’s and jump in the conversation. Casey’s blog! (um…click the link!)

Tell me one quality that makes Mr. Wrong in your opinion. And you don’t have to be serious, you can be silly. In fact, please do! 

19 thoughts on “Hello, Mr. Wrong!

  1. Being a sloppy kisser.

    There. I said it.


    1. I'm glad someone did. So stinking true! LOL

  2. Being dismissive. Yuck.

    1. Yes, that is terrible. I. Am. In. The. Roooom! 🙂

  3. Cats freak me out too!! So…I have this coworker who has a framed photo of her cat at her desk. I cannot tell you the self-control it takes not to burst out laughing every time I see it.

    As for a quality that makes someone Mr. Wrong…someone who can't appreciate the finer qualities of flannel.


    1. LOL!

      Or…a man who has a framed photo of his cat on his desk. 🙂

    2. YES! So wrong! (Although, there could be people reading this who really love their cats and have framed photos and please don't feel I'm judging you. But seriously, this particular photo…the cat is staring into the distance, haloed by sunshine, in front of a stained glass window. You would laugh too!!!)

    3. Yes, I know lots of people who have pets and have photos. So I'm not judging, but then I'm not married to them either. 🙂 All in good fun!

  4. Sloppy kisses… Jennifer Shirk, you crack me up. And euwww!

    Mr. Wrong? Um… Mr. Wrong doesn't that "No" means "No, I'm not cooking tonight. Let's find an alternative."

    1. left out the word "understand"

    2. Oooh I like that! I don't think I'm cooking tonight!

  5. Um, Mr. Wrong? Yep, dated a few of those MANY years ago.

    Definitely a bad sign when the first words out of his mouth are… "I probably shouldn't have eaten those beans last night…"

    Get some tact, already! Or… GasX! :/

    1. Oh gross! Definitely Mr. Wrong.

  6. Mr. Wrong doesn't know Jesus. Nuff said. 🙂

    1. BOOM!!! You got it, fiend!

  7. Someone who can't get his face out of his iPhone. Grrr…or uses it to text that he's in the driveway to pick up his date. SO not happening with my girls!

  8. Polyester. And not the Under Armour kind. The kind that can melt into a solid mass if left out in the heat too long.

    And umm, I'm up here.

  9. A guy who has serious issues with his mother. Dated one and ended up walking home. Not fun.

    I wish you well as you whipping your WIP into shape, Jess.

  10. Have a super summer with the writing! Fun, fun, funn!

    I would have to say:
    1. Garlic Breath
    2. Lateness
    3. Can't keep a job….uh, laziness is soooo WRONG in a man!

    So glad I have a Mr. RIGHT!


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