Susan Tuttle: Smear It Like Peanut Butter!

Susan’s Sunday morning breakfast!
These are the kinds of texts she sends.

I can’t say enough how awesome Susan Tuttle is! That’s right. You heard me. Susan is an amazing prayer partner and writer whom I treasure. She writes a wonderful blog called Steps! And you’re nuts if you don’t head over there and follow her. Just sayin. Thank you for guest posting today, Susan!

I had a revelation the other day as I made my breakfast. It was early, so roll
with me here.  See, I LOVE peanut butter.
It is one of the most delicious things on this earth. If you don’t like it,
well, there’s something wrong with you, and I’ll add you to my prayer list.
every morning I toast an English muffin and when it pops up I spread my
creamy-goodness over it. Peanut butter has a heavenly fragrance to it. It is
unmistakable. You don’t open a jar of peanut butter and have someone ask you if
you just cut up an onion. No. You know peanut butter by its smell. Oh, and when
you spread it over your warm English muffin??? It drips into every nook and
cranny and makes every bite oh-so-delectable!
I made my breakfast last week I literally stopped mid-spread. I looked at my
English muffin. And then I said to God, “Know what, Lord? I want you to be just
like this peanut butter in my life. Smear yourself over me, get every nook and
cranny, until every bit of me is covered with you, and your fragrance rolls off
of me.”
you it was early. Hadn’t even had my coffee yet.

But that didn’t make my words any less true of a statement.
you know what I want most in my life? Him. In every particle of my being. I
want to look like Him. Smell like Him. My words to taste like Him—the words I
speak AND the words I write. Because when people interact with me, I want them
to have an encounter with the Living God.
in the business of changing lives. And as much as I love peanut butter, I love
that even more.
Susan Tuttle is a homeschooling mom of three who
is crazy about coffee, dark chocolate, and words—both reading and writing them.
Combine that love of words with her passion for leading women to a
life-changing encounter with Christ, and you’ll find her crafting Inspirational
Contemporary Romance stories laced with humor, love, and healing
transformations. When not cheering on her Ironman hubby, chasing the family dog,
or tackling complex math problems to teach her kids (yes, even the second
grader), you can catch Susan at her blog, Steps.

Tell me, are you PB
lovers too? If not, what do you pair with jelly? 

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12 thoughts on “Susan Tuttle: Smear It Like Peanut Butter!

  1. I don't know how my son would thrive without peanut butter. 🙂 I love the illustration of God getting in every nook and cranny.

    1. I love how God uses those every day little things…makes me smile that He loves every part of our lives. He wastes nothing!

      And I wouldn't thrive w/o PB either;)!!

  2. I have raspberry jam every morning on my bagel. 😉

    I think God is in the business of finding some nooks and crannies I tried to hide lately.
    ~ Wendy

    1. Oh! I use that sometimes too, but have to have it mixed with my PB. And yeah, He's good at finding those spots, isn't He? It's because His light can dig into those spots and illuminate them so well, even when I do cram my stuff into those tiny spots!

  3. This is making me hungry, because every morning I eat some sort of bagel thin or piece of toast with peanut butter and honey. Yum.

    And I LOVE the analogy.

    1. Hope you got your breakfast then:) I love honey on warm biscuits – yum! I haven't had it for breakfast in a loooong time, but now that you mention it, I might have to shake things up tomorrow!

  4. Another homeschooling writer mom here! Just followed your lovely blog, Susan. And I'm that way with NUTELLA! Smear it in every crack! Great analogy!

    1. Heather – I saw that and welcome! Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the world:) Balancing writing and schooling – I'll be praying for you mama! I nearly called today a pajama day just so I could get my word count in;)OH! And Nutella…don't even get me going. I love me my PB, but Nutella is a true treat. I can't even have it in the house because the kids and I will devour it!

  5. What a great analogy, Susan.

    I like extra crunchy peanut butter. I've been slathering it on celery lately. Yum!

    1. Thanks, Keli – that's how God loves to talk to me, right in the middle of my every day life. Makes me laugh sometimes:) I can't say I do crunchy PB, but I do make good old Ants on a Log – I've always thought that was a crazy name for a snack! Does taste great though, doesn't it?

  6. Awesome analogy Susan! I love PB but alas it doesn't love me. I use honey, jam, or apple butter.

  7. Oh my word, I LOVE this image. And I love peanut butter too. I haven't bought English muffins in ages, but I'm putting them on my next grocery list. 🙂

    Thanks for introducing us to Susan, Jessica!


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