Write That Book! But First….!!!!

So today’s question comes from  Beth Vogt who will be here on Monday to chat about her debut novel, Wish You Were Here! 

Enjoy the vlog and have a great weekend! My son’s birthday is today! He’s 8! 

Also, I think I was supposed to ask Do you NOT mind..blah blah blah, not do you Mind…blah blah blah. Whatever, just go with it! 

24 thoughts on “Write That Book! But First….!!!!

  1. I'm wearing sweat pants right now and I don't have a life! I'm in! Yea!!

    1. Woohoo!! 🙂 LOL

  2. I am all about Yoga pants and not feeding my family…my kids think I love my laptop more than them…it's all good:)

    1. This cracks me up, because I'm quite sure my kids think the same thing about me!

  3. Oh my goodness! I. love. your. vlogs. 🙂 You are hilarious.

    I WISH I was in sweat pants right now. Hehehe… 🙂

    1. Ha! Thanks, Tagg! Right now, I'm in my flannel PJ pants. My husband keeps the air so low you could hang meat in this joint! LOL

  4. Fiend, you are a scream! I want coffee in person with you in September. 🙂

    1. Oh, believe me it's gonna happen! Can't wait to see you!!!!

  5. Love your vlogs! Love the "family of one" and the Reese's pieces…haha. So true!

    1. I'm so glad someone can relate to that! LOL Thanks, Loree!

  6. I love you. Simply love you. I can't wait to hang out with you. And laugh. A LOT. (Not at you…with you…I promise.)

    And I totally agree on the shorts vs. sweat pants vs. jeans. Sigh. I'm with Mel. Wish I was in sweats right now!

    1. We're gonna have so much fun! I. Love. You. 🙂 Maybe you could buy those pajama jeans. My bff has some and you really can't tell the diff. Pretty cool!

  7. "Family of one" – yep, I'd totally eat one of those all by myself! Once I almost did – Jason and I had a GC to the movies, and had a little left over after our tickets. We bought one of those huge bags of Reese's Pieces and ate the whole thing during the film! Sugar rush!

    1. That's hilarious! And uh, yeah…sugar rush! 🙂

  8. Too cute!! You bring up some great points..and disturbing images! Ha ha! But great advice for a wanna-be writer.

    I thought your voice would be lower for some reason! Love the accent too. You're a doll.

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I do feel like a doll. A lumpy rag doll! LOL Hopefully writers will know while I embellish, it's a lot true. ha!

  9. Um, I am wearing my black yoga pants even as I type. Favorite. Pants. Ever.
    And do I have a life?
    I have two competing lives:
    The "real" life inhabited by my family and friends & the "seems like it's real" life inhabited by my fictional characters. The challenge? Balancing the two.
    And forget the Reese's Pieces. Jelly beans all the way!

    1. I understand those two lives for sure! Balance is the key. Sometimes difficult to find in all honesty.

      And a big NO to jelly beans! 🙂 lol

  10. My favorite pants are any of my boxers that I decide to write in. Gotta get and stay comfy while writing. I could never do this while I held a real job.

    1. LOL This cracked me up! But you're so right about being comfy to write. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Stephen!

  11. Oh my goodness! My backside has gone numb more times than I can count – even as you said it I had to wiggle in my seat! 🙂 I was laughing out loud at your vlog! So happy to "see" you in person!

    1. 🙂 Glad you got a good laugh and wiggle out of it. It's so true, though!

  12. You're my lost at birth sister!!!!But I don't have an accent… or do I?

    Flannel pj pants are da bomb.
    I always make enough for leftovers so I can have more writing time.
    A life? Yeah, which gets in the way of my writing!!
    Mirrored shades have been in my arsenal for years.

    Loved this!!

    1. LOL! Do a vlog and I'll let you know about your accent. 🙂 I'm in my flannel pj pants right now, and yep, they are da bomb!

      Thanks so much for hanging out!


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