Friend of a Writer: What’s That Like?

Hey everyone! Today is coffee with Jess and “Jane”! Backstory: “Jane” came over and we laid/lied? around gabbing most of the day then decided, “Hey, let’s make a YouTube!” So we did. I apologize for our serious lack of make-up, our ratty hair and over-abundance of giggles. Okay, I don’t apologize for the giggles. 

* “Jane” has never done a video, so her swaying, eye batting,  and uncertainty in her facial expressions are hilarious! 

*You can see pictures of our “research trip” HERE!  scroll all the way down!

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday! 

42 thoughts on “Friend of a Writer: What’s That Like?

  1. I really knew I wanted to live closer to you, now I'm 100% positive of it! I'm sticking a For Sale sign in my yard right now. I'll tell hubs later.

    1. I'll pray it sells soon! We'll have way too much fun. I see jail in our future! LOL

  2. I'm laughing soooo hard right now, Jessica! You're a little instigator, aren't you??

    "Jane," has Jessica ever gotten you in trouble with the law? Cuz I'm sensing you two could keep the county's cops on their toes!

    So fun to see you both–have a great weekend!

    1. I may be an instigator! I do keep Jane in all kinds of trouble, but it's just too much fun!

    2. Hi Jill,
      No, never been in trouble with the law…thank God! If I knew her in my younger years, I have a pretty good feeling that I would have seen the backseat of a cop car or two! Jess is a smooth talker,and for some odd reason or another I believe everything she says! Lol! No offense Jess! You know I love you!

  3. I need to send this to my good bud who recently moved 45 min. away (the stinker!). 😀

    Love the accents!
    ~ Wendy

    1. I'd cry if Jane moved away. 🙁

  4. Laugh. A lot of laughter. She'd totally tie me up and throw me in her trunk–after she lectured me for not having a gun on me…I call her GG (my Gun Gal).

    Have a great weekend you two!

    1. I love that! Gun Gal!

  5. Can I come over, too?!?! You guys look like you have so much fun together!! My question for you, how did you meet and how long have you been best friends. (As I'm typing this I'm thinking the words and saying them in your cute accents!!) 🙂

    1. I have tons of room to spare, come on over, Gabe! We met at church, I think 6 years ago. I had her daughter in my Wednesday night class and then I had a talk at an Immaeus walk and "Jane" attended. I think it was then we bonded and have been besties ever since. She's got waaay more accent than me! LOL

  6. Fun! I would ask Jane if she'd ever made a bet with you, and then lived to regret it.

    1. I think Jane lives to regret about everything we do to together! LOL 🙂

    2. Hi Julie! Can I just say in my defense…I'm the innocent one! Always! Lol!

  7. You are a HOOT, Fiend!! Time to Skype again soon. I miss you! And Jane is too cute for words. Y'all together? Priceless.

    1. YES!! Skyping with you is a blast. Super soon! I wish I could put her in my pocket and bring her to ACFW!

  8. You guys are too cute! Could she write my soundtrack too? 🙂

    1. I will talk her into it! I can do that, yah know! How was the beach?

  9. Funny! LOL!

    I just love my BFF. We've toned it down, but used to get into a lot of trouble when we were younger. She's one of my biggest supporters. I love her!

    1. Jane is one of my biggest supporters too! Love that you can count on your BFF!

  10. You guys are hi-freaking-larious. Yay!

    Jane, what's Jess's deepest, darkest secret? Bahahaha.

    Oh, and me and my best friend usually go out to Starbucks to hang out because she's got two little boys who otherwise will try to clamor for her attention the whole time. Don't worry. Her husband is home with them. She doesn't abandon them!

    1. Hi Lindsay! "Jane" here! Jess' deepest darkest secret would have to be…hmmm…that's a good question because she has so many! Lol! If I told you I would have to kill ya! Jk! We are pretty hilarious when we get together!

    2. Ha. Ha. Friggedy Ha.


  11. I agree with everyone else, you two are so funny and it's so awesome to watch. It makes me remember what it's like to be a kid again! LOL

    I must admit I don't have any besties in my life right now. Isn't that sad? 🙁 All my besties live in the computer…like you. LOL. I think I need to get in touch with my inner child and start having FUN. Think you could help with that? LOL Looks like everyone wants to come live with you so maybe I'll squeeze in there too.

    Jane, how do you keep up with her??

    1. Hi Michelle! Keeping up with her brain is almost impossible! It never stops working! Everyone needs a best friend, and if you pray for it I believe God will send that special someone to you. She will be perfectly compatible for you! And that's exactly what I did…I prayed for her! Imagine that…I ended up with a crazy woman! Lol! She's simply the best! Isn't that a Tina Turner song? Yep it is! Lol! Have a geat one!

    2. I will see you in person, Michelle, come September and it's gonna be so much fun! Come on! I always have room for you! 🙂

  12. I seriously loved that! Completely made my morning. Jess and Jane, are TOO MUCH FUN!!! I see a syndicated Youtube station in your future?? Or at least more posts for us? Puh-lease?? 😉

    1. LOL! I bet I could talk her into doing a few more. We'll see! Thanks, Casey! Glad you enjoyed our antics!

  13. Oh. My. Word. Jess and Jane … a whole new vlog series. Everyone in favor — say YES!!!!!!
    I have never, ever, ever asked my BFF to tie me up and throw me in the trunk for research — read my WIP, yes — throw me in the trunk, no.

    1. Beth, you're too funny! 🙂 She reads my work too when she's not binding me up!

    2. I did just have my BFF watch this video so she could see how good I treat her.
      I also call her by her real name –or "Preferred Reader."
      Because she is my Preferred Reader — and she caught things my real editor didn't catch.

  14. Hilarious. You two should be on TV. Or, dude, create weekly webisodes. Yes, this is an awesome idea. 🙂

    1. You crack me up, Tagg! I think you should do weekly webisodes! I'd watch!

  15. Jessica and "Jane" – This made my Friday!

    Thanks for sharing your BFF-ship!

    1. So glad you got a kick out of it, Becky! Have a great weekend! And thanks for hanging out, feel welcome any time!

  16. Bahahahha! That is AWESome! Good friends are hard to come by…especially when they are ones that you can belly laugh with! 🙂

  17. I still believe that the next time you are both in Southern Illinois, we need to go have an adventure together. I know most of the local law enforcement, so it generally keeps me out of too much trouble.

  18. You two are hilarious!! "Jane" you sorta had the deer in the headlights look going on, but it couldn't have been cuter! So does Jess keep you up late into the night brainstorming?
    My in-town BFF is SO patient with me. Honestly, I don't how non-writers put up with us novelists! Why don't they understand we want them to be part of BOTH of our worlds??!!
    My on-line bestie, the very sweet Michelle Massaro is the other half of my literary brain. I'd be completely lost without her!

  19. I love you two. Seriously. I do! You are too cute together!

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