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One of my favorite shows on TV is Fairly Legal starring Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed. This show is about a woman whose father dies, leaving his law firm to her and his ex-much much younger wife, Lauren Reed. Kate has a law degree, but what she wants is to help people through mediation. 

Each week as a new case comes her way, she’s discovering the truth about people and sometimes it’s ugly. Her ex-husband to be, whom she still loves but they can’t seem to get along and make things work, is the assistant D.A. She’s constantly asking him for help and he’s usually reluctant since it , most times, gest him in trouble. But he still loves her.

I love the tension between Kate and Justin. You know they’re disfunctional but you root for them because they love each other and it’s comedic at times.


Kate and ex Justin

And then of course you have her conflict with the ex-stepmother who’s practically her age and an equal partner in the firm. Jealousy, bitterness and all those things surround Kate’s feelings for Lauren and even though you know Lauren really loved Kate’s dad, you aren’t ever sure what she’s really thinking. But when Kate gets in some jams, Lauren is there for her and the slow evolution of a friendship…very…very slow is nice to see.



And you can’t have a great story without a fun side-kick, aka secondary character. And that’s where Leo comes in. Her assistant, friend, and all around fun loving nut! They have a great relationship and you know there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. You also know, there’s no romantic chemistry there. Why? Because the actions and dialogue convey it. Good writing! 


What’s a story without a truth-teller? Someone who pushes you and makes you think. That’s where judge Nicastro comes in. He’s funny, stern, and he cares about Kate, even if it seems like he’s punishing her at every turn with insisting cases upon her. He’s wise and full of good truth that makes her think about who she is, why she acts in certain ways, and in his fatherly, judge-like way, encourages her to be better. 

Enter season two. 

Kate and Justin seem like they might forget the divorce and give it another try, as Kate has had some soul-searching and events happen in her life provide an epiphany! 

But Justin reveals devastating news and Kate can’t move forward.

Enter Ben Grogan, actor Ryan Johnson.

Another amp up in tension. Ben Grogan is an arrogant, all about money, shady lawyer who through interesting and funny events ends up as another partner at Kate’s firm. The sparks between them are electrifying! He’s sarcastic and obnoxious and she’s beside herself that he works there.

However, inside Ben Grogan lies a boy from the wrong side of the tracks trying to prove he’s worth something and he hides that behind a huge wall of arrogance and a mask of I-could-care-less. 

I love watching that wall break down little by little through the sweet things he does on occasion. However, they generally back fire and the wall pops back up, but that makes for great tension. Excellent conflict and I find myself not rooting so much for Justin–exhubby anymore. One because of what he reavealed to Kate. And two, I love a wounded hero!

I also enjoy watching Justin’s jealousy as he sees what Kate doesn’t. Her growing attraction for hunky Ben!



I’ve learned a lot about great writing from this show! 


Do you watch Fairly Legal? I recommend it! Netflix it and start from the beginning. What show do you love and why? 

Happy Weekend, friends! 

19 thoughts on “Fairly Legal

  1. I know that if you love the show, I will too, so I will have to give this one a try this summer. Couldn't help but notice… that law firm has really pretty people. 🙂

    I've been watching Missing lately with Ashley Judd. Not so sure I'll continue with that one. The acting hasn't been all that great, and the story line is, at times, unbelievable.

    1. Not to burst your bubble, but Missing got cancelled! I liked the first couple episodes but I have such a list of shows clogging my DVR, I gave it up!

      I think you'd like Fairly Legal! 🙂 Yes, very pretty people! I love BEN! He's my fav!

  2. Girl, you sold me! LOL
    Thank goodness you're around to tell me what to watch. I'm going to go try and add to my netflix stream!

    1. LOL! I think you'll enjoy the show! 🙂 Let me know!

  3. I've never seen it, but I may have to start watching it now! 🙂

    1. Well, when you move in with me, you won't have a choice! LOL 😉

  4. Is season one already on Netflix? Oh, and I loved Simon and Simon growing up:)

    I'm not watching much of anything lately. I do love Castle, and I used to watch Bones all the time…but my summer guilty pleasure is actually a reality show-I am totally hooked on So You Think You Can Dance. For me it's So You WISH You Could Dance!

    1. I believe so, Susan. I like Castle and I haven't seen Bones in forever but I liked it. LOL

  5. I love this show!!

    USA really brings it for great TV–NCIS syndication, Fairly Legal, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, White Collar…love them all.

    I'm behind on this season but I hope to get caught up soon. I love Kate's spunk. I love her confidence. I love her tenacity. Great show.

    1. We really do have a ton in common, Lisa! She is spunky. I love that about her!

  6. I found Fairly Legal when it first came on and have been watching it ever since. Got to admit I'm still rooting for Justin over Ben.

    But Missing has been cancelled?!? Argh. In the beginning I thought it might be a planned limited run because…well, how long could they drag out the search for Michael before it got old. Then they end the season with Michael recovered and Becca missing. I wish they had been cancelled early enough for the producers to have lopped off that last scene and left us with a HEA.

    1. NO!!!! Not Justin! LOL I'm rooting for Ben all the way! 🙂

      Yeah, I thought the same thing about Missing. How long can he be gone? LOL

  7. Ooo, I love shows that have to do with court cases and such. 🙂 Psych is one of my all-time favs, although I haven't been able to keep up with it this season.

    I love how you broke it all down like you did. I sometimes forget how much we can learn about writing from watching TV and movies.

    Have a great weekend! And no, I won't be watching JAWS, even if you and Ruth gang up on me. Ha-rumph.

    1. Psych is one of my favs too! I love Dennis Roday. LOL

      and…if you come stay with me in Memphis, I'll force you to, in 4 years! ROFL!

  8. I don't watch much TV anymore…I have a teenage son who loves basketball and football. Nuff said.

    I used to work in the court system, so I usually cringe when I watch shows about the courts because they get it all wrong and so it's distracting for me. I usually laugh out loud (even if it's a drama…) becuase the court scenes are so ridiculous.

    I LOVE Downton Abbey because of the writing, the plot structure, and the acting are superb!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love Sarah Shahi. What man wouldn't? Great show, too. Justin or Ben? Neither! I'm to jealous to let either of them have her.

  10. Oooo, thanks for the recommendation! I love a good legal comedy-drama (I know people have mixed feelings about it, but I loved Ally McBeal). This one's going on my list of shows to try!

  11. I have never heard of this show! I don't have cable, so I am so limited in my choice of shows. But this is intriguing…wonder if they will put it on Netflix next year? 😉

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