Smooching Jesus

Today, I’m over at the hilarious and wonderful Melissa Tagg’s blog, Ta(g)glines! (click on “Ta(g)glines” link…it’s red. LOL) It’s romance month over there, and I’m talking about a kiss. 
It’s not just a kiss. 
Especially when 
you’re smooching Jesus. 
Yeah,come find out! Oh, and she’s introducing me by Vlog. 
How cool is that?
***Next Wednesday we’ll pick up with our series on strength and talk about piercing the heart.

7 thoughts on “Smooching Jesus

  1. Great read. Congrats on your guest spot.

  2. I'm heading over. Your title is a bit freaky. lol

  3. Heading over, and yeah, your title was …um…interesting.

  4. Okaaaay, now I'm curious. You succeeded with that!! Off to look. 🙂 (And thanks for following Victoria from my blog link! You're a sweetie!)

  5. Just checked it out. Great post!

  6. Yay, I love having you on my blog! Love the discussion…and the title of your blog, toooo funny! Love it.

  7. Thanks for the follow on my blog, Jessica! I think Carol Riggs is my guardian angel! Your blog is great – back at ya!


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