In the Word Wednesday: D.O.U.B.T

“Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’” Mark 9:23

If you tell me you never have doubts, I seriously doubt I’ll believe you. Not just doubt…seriously doubt. Why do people say that? “Seriously doubt.” As if your doubting isn’t serious. I’m jokingly doubting. I’m half-serious about my doubts. I don’t know, I digress because this has nothing to do with what I’m talking about today.

I mean I am talking about doubt, no doubt, but not the “seriously” part. Speaking of parts, I’m going to have to do this in 2 parts or it will become a blong, not a blog.

Okay, I hear you…I’m getting on with it!

Here’s an acrostic for doubt.
What is it, why do we do it and how can we overcome it? 

1. Dim View of God

Let’s look at a man who’s view of God was surrounded in shadows. His name was, Naaman. You can read about him in 2 Kings 5:1-19. He was a powerful commander. He had many victories under his belt, including the one that conquered Israel, well he assumed he was responsible for it. In reality, God gave him that victory. God used enemies to discipline His children when they went astray, to humble them and bring them to repentance. At this time, He used Syria to discipline Israel’s rebellion.

Here’s the thing about Naaman. He had leprosy.

Now watch God work His wonders. Naaman, upon conquering the Israelites, took a young Israelite girl as a slave for his household. A young girl who knew the LORD–knew of His greatness and she told her master that God could heal him.

Naaman goes to see Elisha, the prophet–who tells him to dip in the Jordan. The Jordan!? That dirty water? A man as great as Namaan? Surely, there was another way and also, who did this prophet think he was that he couldn’t even come out to greet him in person! Of all the…


Naaman expected something greater. What he got was, “Go wash in the Jordan.”

God will use the seemingly foolish to heal. To bring wisdom. To save.
1 Corinthians 1:18 says, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

Had Namaan had a better view of God, he would have immediately been obedient. He would have been ecstatic to jump in a dirty river.

How’s your view of God?

Psalm 19:8 says, “…the commandments of the Lord are pure, enlightening the eyes.”

Psalm 119:18, “open my eyes that I may see wondrous things in Your law.”
You have to read the word for your eyes to be opened. Study it, meditate on it. It brings life to your bones and a brilliant view of who God is. To get a better view of God, spend time with Him! It clears any blurriness. No doubt about it.

2. Obstacles Stand in the Way

There are tons of obstacles. Top 3 (my opinion) 1. Your past 2. Your identity 3. Circumstances (out of your control and/or due to consequences of sin)

Gideon. You can read about him in Judges 6. Gideon had every excuse in the book not to deliver Israel from the hands of the Midianites. He was from a small tribe and he wasn’t brave. For crying out loud, when the Angel of the Lord (pre-incarnate Jesus) came to him he was hiding in a wine press threshing wheat. Yet He called Gideon, “mighty man of valor.” (Jesus sees us much differently than we see ourselves!)

He had serious doubts…oops, there’s that serious again. But the Angel of the Lord had no doubt. Not in who He was or what He could do. In the end, just like Naaman, Gideon obeyed. Victory came. Go ahead, doubt yourself. Truth is you can’t do what He asks of you. But He can do it through you. Don’t doubt Him!

Obstacles will always be there. God will move you through them, over them, and sometimes even around them. Numbers 21:4. The Israelites couldn’t go through Edom to get where they were going. They had to go around it. It took a little longer, but sometimes what you’re after takes time. It can be discouraging, but remember…God is in control. Always.

Remember these 3 things when you feel overwhelmed by obstacles:

1. Your identity rests in Christ Jesus. You’re not condemned.
     John 8:10-11; Romans 8:1

2. Let your mistakes become ministering tools for others, don’t let your past hold you back. 2 Corinthians 5:17

3. No matter what circumtances you’re in, God loves you. He has a plan.
     Romans 8:35-39; Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:28
Next Wednesday, we’ll finish D.O.U.B.T

How do you handle doubt? Do you have a favorite scripture or Bible story that helps you overcome it when it creeps up on you or hits you like a Mack truck?


15 thoughts on “In the Word Wednesday: D.O.U.B.T

  1. Oh, Jessica. There's so much to chew on and meditate on here. Thank you for sharing this, along with the Bible quotes and stories.

    I give my doubt some choice niblets of Scripture. That helps, but I do tend toward copious amounts of SELF doubt. Your reminder that I am not able but GOD is able is much appreciated!

    May He bless you richly today.

  2. Great post. As Gwen said above, so much to chew on! Thanks for the thoughts. (Found you on Jill Kemerer's blog)

  3. Great post! We all have doubts about something or other. Even though my faith in God has never been stronger, I sometimes get these momentary episodes of doubt…not doubt in Christ, but doubt in myself. The enemy seems to attack with much more vigor when I’m having a victory in Jesus. I find myself in total joy of something God has blessed me with only to be followed, almost on cue, by someone or something trying to bring me down. I know it’s the enemy trying his best to trick me into a pity party, but I’m wiser now and know to look up to Jesus in these times of self pity and doubt…suddenly, I know I’m not alone and my spiral of doubt disappears.

  4. Gwen: You're very welcome! I'm a self doubter as well.

    Jaime: I'm so glad you found me and hope you enjoy and are inspired by the posts! Thanks!

    Loree: I think the enemy has figured out we're aware of when he's kicking us when we're down, although it doesn't always stop him. I've been blindsided during victorious times too. Occasionally, they're the worst of times. I'd like to think I'm wising up to that too!

    Thanks everyone for the comments! 🙂

  5. I love this! I struggle with trust, and this is wonderful (and much needed at this season in my life!). Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. How do I handle doubt? Not very well, most of the time! I have a bad, bad habit of second-guessing myself – but this reminds me I need to put those doubts aside!


  7. I'm so bad at handling self-doubt. I definitely look to the Word for help. I seek reminders of God's amazing ability to move mountains even when I only have a mustard seed of faith. Thank you for giving me so much to think about, Jessica!

    By the way, I left some encouragement for you on my post to tell me the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of "research." Thanks for stopping by today.

  8. I've struggled with doubt on my writing journey (and still sometimes have a nasty bout!), but I've surrendered my writing future to God, and He gives me peace. I see how many times biblical figures did not get their heart's desire right away. It doesn't mean God isn't faithful, just that I need to be patient and grow. God will lead me where I need to go.

  9. Jill, I've been in the writer's doubt boat with you. Sometimes it feels like I'm crossing an ocean in a dinghy with no life boat. 🙂 Peace in the storm!
    Great wisdom you said!

  10. I mean life jacket…geez! lol

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