Musing on Isaiah 42:16 Blurred Vision

Ever feel like you need your eyes adjusted? Things in life seem so blurry. Uncertain. Me too. But we have the hope of One who gives sight to the blind. Who brings clarity to blurry circumstances. 

Wednesday, we’ll be talking about a man who saw blurry. But in an instant, Jesus miraculously re-calibrated his brain. So come by and be encouraged, blind one. God shows no partiality. 

Musings/Meditation Prompts: Remember times when you’ve walked blindly. Muse on the sight God gave you, even if it was hindsight. You made it out. God can be trusted. He’s a tender remedy for blinded eyes. A soothing balm for irritated vision. 

If you could see one wonder before you die, what would it be? 

6 thoughts on “Musing on Isaiah 42:16 Blurred Vision

  1. There is a place near Ein Dalla, in Egypt's Western Desert, called 'Eight Bells'.

    Consisting of a group of conical hills, it was described by Malcolm Pleydell as resembling eight halma-men on the skyline.

    I'd like to see that.

  2. There are still several things in the US I'd love to see – the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Redwood National Park…

  3. I love your picture and quote! Nicely done. Some days I feel as if I walk around blind all day to the blessings God is pouring in but don't take time to notice — much less thank Him for. Some days He makes my eyesight so clear that I walk around in a constant state of amazement. Let's see…one wonder I'd like to see? No more hungry or trafficked children.

  4. Such deep thoughts. I love this.

    I still would love to see the pyramids in Egypt and even take a trip to Jerusalem to walk the steps that Jesus walked. That would truly be amazing.

  5. Just one? The pyramids in Egypt or the waterfalls in the Amazon. 🙂

  6. Hmmm. I'm going to say Italy. That's a nice, big, fat general place full of goodies to explore. 🙂


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