Passport To Your Dreams


When God first plants a dream in your heart, it bubbles to
overflowing with hope and expectation. But as time passes, it can be
discouraging. The bubbly fountain gets clogged with rocks of doubt and clumps
But God
tells us to wait, hope, and expect.
As most of you, who routinely read the blog or know me
personally, I talk often about my BFF “Jane” whose name is not really “Jane” at
all, but I like to call her that. And it’s my blog  so I can.
My friend “Jane” loves the Lord. I don’t know if I have ever
met anyone who loves Him and has a relationship with him like her. No one. I
admire that about her.


Several years ago, during a conversation the Lord told her
to go get her passport. It came out of nowhere, but when you spend as much time
with God as “Jane” you know His voice well.
Now, let me just say money was tight in their home. Really
tight. So spending a little over $100 for something for no apparent reason was
tough, but she went to her husband and said, “God said I needed to get my 
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I don’t know. Nowhere. Somewhere.”
Me and “Jane”
So she did. It’s so cute with her big ole’ smile. She came
home with hope and expectation. Just a trip to Wal-Mart is fun travel. Four
hours with nothing but empty bean fields and ugly prairie to see on the way to
my hometown is exciting for “Jane.” She loves to travel.
But a few months passed and God never said another word
about it.
And then one year passed.
And another.
And then God told “Jane” to go back to school and get her
teaching degree.
Money was tight. But they were faithful to give. And “Jane”
trusted God.
Just to let you know not only did she get her degree, but
her husband is almost done with his four-year degree as well and they haven’t
taken out a single loan!
She was certain that she would teach elementary English—third
grade being her favorite. She graduated.
And still no place to take that passport. She’d take it from
her drawer and 
pray over it, ask God what that was all about? Was it just to
see if she’d obey? Because she did. No, there had to be more. “God, take me
somewhere. I’ll go anywhere with You. Just…just take me somewhere.”
Fall came and the only job offered to her was teaching a GED
class at the high school where both her oldest daughter attends and one will in
another year (how convenient for God). She took it and experienced some of the
toughest kids in her life—kids who needed a godly example.
But it opened the door for the next year.
To teach history.
Well, she loved biblical history. She could do this.
And she began teaching U.S. and World History. She especially
loves U.S. history.
Last week, she squealed over the phone and for once it wasn’t
about her lunch which could have been filet mignon or a hotdog out of the
microwave with one end blown up—both squeal-worthy to “Jane”.
“Guess what?”
“You’re eating lunch?”
“No, I mean I am! I just had the most delicious hot pocket
“Move on.”
She laughed. “Right. So I just found out that I get to go to
Europe! (She pronounced it Yerup) For a WWII tour. Lundun, Germuhny, Fraaance.
And some other places! And guess what?”
“You’ll eat real sauerkraut on polish sausages?”
“Oh my gosh, that would be so good. And Belgium…I could buy
“Back to point, Jane.”
“Right. I’m going to finally get to use my passport! And not
only am I going to Europe, I’m going for FREE!”
Years went by and “Jane” wasn’t sure what her future held. But
she didn’t give up on her prayers.
God does something, He has a purpose behind it. And it’s always big.
He didn’t ask her to get the passport to long for a dream
that wouldn’t come. 
It wasn’t to remind her that she wasn’t ever going
It was a reminder that God was taking her somewhere.
Physically. And spiritually.
She never gave up hope. She waited for years. She circled
that passport in prayer.
And He foot her bill for her.
She leaves in June of next summer. And that Fall, her
passport expires.
doesn’t let our dreams expire on us. He fulfills everything He’s set out to
accomplish concerning us.
I’m reading a book right now by Mark Batterson called the Circle
Maker. It’s

about praying circles around your dreams with scriptural promises
and not giving up on them. I recommend it highly.

Are you still waiting, hoping, and expecting. The key is to
expect. When we stop expecting God to do something wonderful, we lose hope and
waiting seems like being locked Houdini style in a water tank without the
skills to get out. And if I was tightening word count, I would have just said,
My point. Keep expecting. God doesn’t disappoint.
are you? Waiting expectantly, inching your way to the dunk tank…are you in the
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26 thoughts on “Passport To Your Dreams

  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring story! Yes, when God does something, he has a purpose, and he's always on time. Sometimes i try to run ahead of God and take matters into my own hands, and that ends with me overwhelmed and doubting that the dream/word really came from God. Wondering if I'm trying to disguise my own selfish ambitions by labeling them "God's". Then God reminds me that he always has a purpose behind what he does, and that he's never broke a promise yet. You'd think I'd learn by now 😉

    1. I've been there before too Gwen! And I feel the same way about thinking I'd learn it by now! lol

  2. Mmmm great post on a day when I want to throw in the towel!! Maybe I should listen to God instead of my own self-doubt, huh? great post, jess!

    1. Probably be a good idea! lol Half of writing this is to encourage others and to have it so I can go back and read it again on towel-throwing days!

  3. Oh, I LOVE this story…not just because I love hearing about your fun friendship with "Jane" or because I love passports and travel and all that…but because this just totally made me tear up:

    God doesn’t let our dreams expire on us. He fulfills everything He’s set out to accomplish concerning us.

    It's just so awesomely true. I love it. And I love God and how there's always a purpose in the dreams he plants in our hearts. Thanks so much for the fun, uplifting post. And I hope "Jane" has a blast on her trip!

    1. It is so true. Waiting can breed hopeful expectation or lots of doubt and confusion. It takes courage and bravery to wait it out and God knew it! So glad it blessed you today! Jane knows I expect trinkets from EVERY single place she goes! Or the one of us in a trunk won't be me!

  4. Jess, I absolutely loved this encouragement this morning! Such a tremendous post, and woo-hoo, Jane! Our son got to visit Europe about 10 years ago with his grandparents and had the time of his life!

    Isn't it awesome how God cultivates our dreams and then brings them to fruition when the time is right?!

    1. God is so amazing! I love how he was working behind the scenes, setting her up in places that seemed odd to her. Not elementary but high school. She's learned trust and now she's going to experience an incredible reward! I can't wait to share the stories later!

  5. Wow, oh, wow!! Thank you so much for sharing and posting this. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this TODAY.
    I'm working on something that I feel God has given me to do, but I'm facing some adversity in the extended family over it and definitely lots of uncertainty. This is giving me the courage to go on, even if it doesn't make sense. Thank you!!!

    1. Doesn't matter if I think you make sense, point is God spoke to you and it encouraged you. And that makes me happy!! You can do whatever it is he's asked you to! Even in adversity.

  6. I love this story on every level – Jane's relationship with the Lord, her obedience, and faithfully walking through the door He opened without hesitation. Every part of the journey can be such a revelation of God's provision – even the waiting. LOVE!

    1. 🙂 She always inspires me, fiend! Such a testimony of being patient and trusting God!

  7. Thank you, Jess and Jane, for this story. It fills me with hope — in God. In dreams.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad, Beth! 🙂 It fills me with hope too!

  8. Thank you for this post! I've been working on a Bible study for 3 years. Life keeps taking priority and I've been considering giving up this dream. Thanks for reminding me that God is still is holding my dream in His hands!

    1. Keep working, Sherry! God will not forget your labors of love and that you minister to the saints. 🙂 And thanks for coming by!

  9. You don't know how much I needed to hear that. The last few weeks have been rough, with life getting in the way. But I know God's got this. I just have to rest in that assurance. Excited for Jane!

    1. Big hugs and prayers, girlfriend! God most definitely has this and he's working every day on your behalf–many times behind the scenes. I see his fingerprints all over you, Linds!

  10. I needed this today, Jess. I can't take the daily disappointments anymore. Sometimes I feel so dried up–even though God is filling me spiritually. I told Him this morning that I'm tired of being so weak, and I heard "But My power is made perfect in weakness." Just like the scripture we talked about last year. You're right–God does keep His promises, and I'm SO happy for "Jane!" That's just amazing!!! (My copy of the Circle Maker should be here any day!!)

    1. I needed it too, Jill. I'm laughing because he said those same words to me today too! Right before I did yoga. 🙂

      Can't wait to hear what you think of the book! I just love it!

  11. Great story, Jessica! God's power is amazing, and He makes sure that we know He's the one responsible for our miracles. So happy for Jane. She will have a grand time in Europe. What a faith testimony!

    I'm waiting on God to fulfill His promises to me, too. I wish I had a more gracious bearing about it, lol. I can be very impatient and tend to go into doubt mode. But God is faithful. Love this post!

  12. Great post Jesse, it went right along with what God has been telling me lately; Hence my post earlier this week. I am always trying to circumvent the waiting by going in another direction and then get discouraged when it doesn’t work out. Then once again God has to remind me that is not what he asked me to do. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  13. So cool! Go, Jane, go! 🙂

  14. Loved this story! Thanks for sharing it, Jess. And, Jane, I hope you have a fabulous time using that passport! 🙂

  15. Great post Jesse. God is amazing. I'm so glad He knows the plans He has for us. All we have to do is listen and be obedient.

  16. I got teary-eyed reading this! So, SO proud of "Jane" and the blessings God has placed in her life!


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