Trail of Threats (Mountain Country K-9 Unit Book 6)

An arsonist at large… A K-9 team in the line of fire.

Single mom Sadie Owens’s fear of being watched is confirmed when her home is set ablaze—while she and her son are trapped inside. Officer Rocco Manelli and his arson dog arrive in the nick of time to make a rescue. But as attacks persist, it’s up to Rocco to keep Sadie and her three-year-old safe from a criminal with a lethal agenda. Can he keep a vengeful arsonist from scorching a deadly path through Elk Valley—before Sadie and her son become the next victims?  

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Mountain Country K-9 Unit

Book 1: Baby Protection Mission by Laura Scott
Book 2: Her Duty Bound Defender by Sharee Stover
Book 3: Chasing Justice by Valerie Hansen
Book 4: Crime Scene Secrets by Maggie K. Black
Book 5: Montana Abduction Rescue by Jodie Bailey
Book 6: Trail of Threats by Jessica R. Patch
Book 7: Tracing a Killer by Sharon Dunn