Seasons of Hope by Jessica R. Patch

Seasons of Hope

Welcome to the small town of Mistletoe, where hope blooms in every season. Sometimes love is discovered with the most unexpected person. Grace is lavished upon the least deserving. Forgiveness is granted to the flawed. And mercy is poured out on the heartbroken.
Enjoy all four novellas now in print!
Hope Under Mistletoe
After widower Eden Snow’s church almost burns to the ground, she’s compelled to find a temporary place to hold services and Christmas cantata practices. Bar owner and former hockey player, Knox Everhart, has a reputation for being fast on the ice and with women. But when Eden brings the church to his bar, it offers something the bottle can’t. Hope. And he finds himself falling in love with a woman and a Savior he feels unworthy to pursue.
Just the Way You Are
When Pastor Gabe Brookson asks local florist, Audrey Gilbraith to help him design a prayer garden, she’s all in, but working closely with Gabe and guarding her heart from loving him is complicated. She’s not pastor’s wife material. When Gabe pursues Audrey, he ruffles more than a few feathers in his congregation. How much is he willing to give up for this wonderful, quirky woman, and will Audrey accept him if he risks it all?
More Than Words
Interior designer Cassie James is talkative, with nearly as many emotional scars as she has words. Carpenter Jax Woodall is quiet and convinced he’s already had his chance at love. But when she comes to work for him, they learn love and faith are more than words…and just might be worth fighting for.
It’s Always Been You
Successful bistro owner Sierra Bradley regrets not eloping with her high school sweetheart, Ezra Alcott. Now he’s returned to Mistletoe to sketch behind-the-scenes portraits for his sister’s wedding, and with no escape from crossing paths, they’re forced to deal with the heartache of what might have been. If Ezra can find the strength to ask for a second chance, and Sierra can trust God with the things she can’t see, they might be able to paint a lifetime together.
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